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How to approach!
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Hello my name is George and I had a few questions. I have a few uncles who are part of the freemasonry. I have been studying as much about Freemasonries as i can with out ever joining so i was wondering how to approach my uncles about joining. I’m really interested and ready to become a part of this society!

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Hi, George-

Thanks for the question.  It is really quite simple - just Ask.  In reality, they are probably anxious to talk to you about Freemasonry.  Every state is different, but I believe in Georgia they are not permitted to talk to someone about the Fraternity unless they are approached.  All you need to do is let them know you would like to learn more about Freemasonry and are interested in joining.  They’ll take care of the rest.  Good luck.


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If your interest in petitioning (applying for) Masonry is sincere, then I congratulate you.  I suggest that you locate the masonic lodge nearest your residence, and contact the secretary.  Ask him for a petition form, and fill it out, and return it to the secretary.  Then relax, and wait for the procedure to take place.  You will be informed when/where to attend the initiation ceremony, and then you are on the way to being a mason.

Please see:

for a complete “Cliff’s Notes” description of the application process.

I also recommend:

for a more in-depth description, of the application process.


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