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I want to become a Mason, I just don’t know how…
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I am a very driven individual and have ambitions in the arts as I am a musician and have great aspirations to be great one day. I want to become a Mason more than anything. I have watched over the years as masons have become prominent in all areas of life, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, etc…and I began to read and study, and I love the way Masons always seem to have each others back and the closeness they have between each other, not to mention it always seems that Masons have a way of rising to the top of whatever they aspire to do in life. I want that, more than anything I want to be a Mason. In my town I don’t really know who to ask. I have tried calling the local Masonic lodges but I get no answer, and to be honest I don’t know how to go about becoming one. I know the motto, “Ask one to become one”, so I found this site online and thought I would try that.

If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated,

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Hello Joel,

Tyrian Lodge #111 meets in Warner Robins. I was unable to find a telephone number for them but here is there address.

650 Tallulah Trail Warner Robins, GA

There is also a Prince Hall Lodge in Warner Robins, Warner Robins Masonic Lodge #207. They have a face book page which can be found here

I am not certain of Prince Hall is recognized by the Grand Lodge of GA though so maybe one of the other brothers can weigh in on that one.

My advice would be to contact the Grand Lodge of GA at:

The Grand Lodge of Georgia

811 Mulberry Street

Macon, GA 31201.6779

Phone 478.742.1475 ~ Fax 478.742.1465

Email : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Ask about Lodges that meet in and around your area and get the contact details for the secretary of each lodge The secretary ought to be your first point of contact with any Lodge and is a safer bet than leaving a voice mail on the Lodge answering machine.


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