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female organizations
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Hi.  I am the daughter of a Freemason in New Hampshire.  I am interested in finding out about organizations similar to the Freemasons that women can join.  I know the largest one is the Eastern Stars, but know little about it.  Can you give me more information.  Also, are there other organizations besides the Eastern Stars that women can join?  Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.  If it matters, I am close to Concord, New Hampshire.  Thank you.

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Hi Melissa,

From what I understand there are several bodies that require that a woman or a girl be in some way related to a Master Mason before they can be considered for membership. Some examples of these are

The Daughters of the Nile
Ladies of the Oriental Shrine
Eastern Star
The Order of Amaranth
Job’s Daughters
Rainbow Girls
The Daughters of Mokanna
Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem

I am sure that some of the more learned and experienced member of this forum will discount some or add to the above list. Being that your Father is a Brother Mason and assuming he is in good standing with a regular lodge then you are possibly eligible to petition these groups. I suggest you google the above and see if they have a presence in your area.

Best of Luck


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