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Repost and Screen Name Issue—Women and Freemasonry
Posted: 09 March 2010 12:30 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hello Members.

My apologies to the membership of the Forum, but we had to delete a thread from Kim in Massachusetts because of an inappropriate screen name. Many Ambassadors and Members use computers from offices that scan Web pages and block sites containing profanity or the repetition of letters like “x.”

Prospective members of the Forum should be sure their screen or user name is appropriate.

For reference I have reposted the first post comments here :

(From Kim in Massachusetts posted March 8)

Dear Freemasons,

I am a married woman and became interested in Freemasonry after hearing various radio ads about ‘Greatness’. I am indeed a ‘woman’ but I believe that I have many insightful and a-gender ‘ideals’ that would make for interesting discussion and personal rumination. My husband and I both feel strongly how men (and women and human beings in general) have been ridiculously greedy and selfish over the past decade but I am much more passionate about attempting to make a ‘difference’ than he because I believe that people CAN be reached and that they WOULD LISTEN and re-think their mindset if given the opportunity to speak freely about their hopes, fears, prejudices, doubts, values, and take money, ‘power’, and egos out of the equation; to start from square 1; to call a spade a spade; to not beat around the bush or try to be ‘politically correct’; to examine the actual substance of various issues rather than perseverate on the ‘laws’ which keep them mindlessly in place.

I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this; I would prefer to be open and honest rather than pull a Yentl at the Open House later this month.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bob Heruska Posted: 08 March 2010 09:41 PM Private IP: [ # 1 ]


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Joined 2007-03-18 Hi there and welcome to the Forum. I see you live in Massachusetts—thanks for providing that info and for such a wonderful introduction.

We actually have a lot of members on this Forum who are women. And we love to hear your opinions. Unfortunately our discussions often end up acrimoniously, as it always seems to come down to an argument about why women cannot join regular Freemasonry. A simple search for Women on the search box will bring up a lot.

If we can avoid that you are always welcome. You should know that Freemasons have no monopoly on Greatness—and there are many opportunities within Freemasonry where women can be part of meaningful discussion and important charity.

Please feel free to ask questions. I for one will touch base again tomorrow.

Bob Heruska
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Mike Martin Posted: 09 March 2010 02:27 AM Private IP: Sr. Member

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Joined 2009-02-23 Hi Kim,

[Note from Admin. This post was trucated before it was deleted, I have paraphrased below)

If I’m reading you right, you and your husband are looking to join something together. You may want to consider a separate organization (Admin: which is not affiliated in any way with regualr Freemasonry)called co-masonry.

Their site is at

From the Administrator:

Best of luck, and sorry for any inconvenience all this may have caused you.


Bob Heruska
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