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This Forum was designed 8 years ago to allow non Masons to ask questions of real Freemasons and discuss topics relating to becoming a Freemason. Although one might think it would be difficult to become a Freemason, it’s actually quite straightforward. The basic requirement is that you are a good man who believes in a Supreme Being. Becoming a Freemason starts by simply asking.

This Site is sponsored by select Grand Lodges in the United States, and was set up after the tremendous response to ongoing public service TV and radio announcements directing men to the Ask a Freemason site above.

The Forum is designed to both help answer questions and to put men who are interested in joining in touch with a Masonic Lodge near them.

The Forum is open to Masons and non-Masons worldwide, and in the interest of open communication, is only lightly moderated. We do ask, however, that only Masons actually answer questions—there are plenty of other websites where non masons can discuss what they THINK Freemasonry is. We ask also that Masons provide their Lodge name and location when they register.

Although the general requirements for membership are similar worldwide, Grand Lodges in every state in America set their own specific regulations for membership. The Masonic Ambassadors listed above have been authorized to answer questions pertaining to membership in their particular state, but they may also provide general information for membership. Opinions expressed by other participants in the Forum—whether they are Masons or non-Masons—may not reflect the opinions, standards, or membership guidelines of the Grand Lodge in your State.

Please note: Questions outside the scope of the Forum, as well as random comments, while they may be important, may be deleted at the discretion of the Moderators. 

To get started:

1. Click on a Forum, then type a key word of your question into the “search” bar. You’ll most likely find a similar question has already been posted and discussed. If you want, you can follow up or ask a more specific question on that topic by registering and “replying” to the question. Most recent postings show up first, even if the thread is old. You can also just scan the whole range of threads by clicking through the pages.

2. To post a NEW question on a different topic, just register (above), and then post your question by clicking on the “New Topic” button on the right under the particular Forum. Give your topic a short name, like “What’s the process in Massachusetts?,” then type your question in the message section. Any answers or discussion will take place in that topic thread.

3. Although you aren’t required to give all your information when you register, providing the city, state, and country where you live will help the moderators be more specific with their answers.

4. Spell Check. Please take the time to spell check your question with the spellcheck function—it will help avoid word confusion and let us know you are serious

5. Avoid the “Preview Post” box—we have feedback that on some systems it will cause your message to erase. We are working on the issue. For this reason we also suggest that you write long questions and replies first in a Word document, then paste into the question box.

6. Please do not post ANY URLs to external website without permission from a Moderator.  We will remove all website URLs posted unless we can verify the content of the site being linked.

Note: This is a moderated Forum; you will need to register once to post or ask questions. Questions outside the scope of this forum will be deleted.

Finally, we ask that in general you please use the Open Forum to ask questions and get answers — rather than just sending Private Messages to Forum Ambassadors. That way everyone can see the answers that are given, and it provides a more open Forum for discussion. PMs to Ambassadors should be reserved for questions pertaining to membership in specific Lodges or for matters that you want to keep private between two members.

Thanks, and enjoy the Forum.

Bob Heruska
Forum Administrator


Bob Heruska
Past Master
Columbian Lodge
Boston, MA

Member of the York Rite, Scottish Rite, and the Mystic Shrine.


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