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Benefits of being a freemason
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I have been pondering about freemason for some time now, so i kind of want to know more and have encouragement on being a freemason

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The benefits of becoming a Freemason is always one of the trickiest questions because it tends to be very personal in nature and can vary from person-to-person.  In Massachusetts there are 40,000 members and to try and suggest we all get the same thing out of the fraternity probably isn’t a safe thing to do.  But to give you an idea, the opportunity to develop friendships with a group of men from all backgrounds is an essential part of Masonry.  If is often said that there are no strangers in a lodge; only friend you have not met.  Certainly our community service and charitable work is something that a great many of our members value.  Finally, our ritual ceremonies which utilize symbolism and allegory to teach and remind our members to appreciate principles, ethics, and morality to try and live their lives accordingly is something which can greatly benefit an individual.

Probably the best way to gain a better answer to your question is to talk with some members of a lodge near you.  The “find a lodge” feature on the site will help you find the name and contact information of every lodge in the state.  I encourage you to contact one or more lodges near your home and work and talk with a member.  They’ll be able to give you their own opinions about the subject as well as tell you more about Freemasonry and their lodge in particular.  If you ultimately decide you would like to pursue membership, making contact with a lodge is the first step so you will be already on your way to starting the process.


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Yes, becoming a Freemason has been quite an experience indeed!  I was in large part motivated by my uncle’s decision to join the Fraterntiy many years ago, and I have been interested in the Fraternity for almost 10 years now, but it wasn’t until I watched the videos at this wonderful ‘Ask a Freemason’ site that I actually got the courage to approach a lodge here in Virginia and ask, and the rest is history. 

I would describe the benefits of becoming a Mason as near and dear to my heart, and different for each member, for me, I would describe my being initated into the Fraternity using two words common to many of the Christian faith, that would be ‘born again’, I cannot think of a better way to explain how I felt, and what I experienced the night I first approached the door of Masonry and knocked for the first time and entered in.  By ‘born again’ I do not refer to a spiritual rebirth, as is used in the case of a Christian, but in a philosophical, esoterical way I was given keys and truly received light that I had not received before in all my religious associations from the past. 

I found that becoming a Freemason gave me the symbolic tools that I needed, and the skills to use them , to mold myself into a better father, a better citizen, a better friend and brother and a better man.  My wife even took notice and wholeheartedly supports my involvement with the Fraternity, as she clearly see how much of a profound effect its teachings have had upon my development as a man since I began my involvement therein.  It’s truly amazing!

Freemasonry takes good men, and makes them better, or rather gives them the tools and skills needed to make themselves into better men if they are prepared to work towards such improvements.  If you are ready to work at making yourself into a better man, while at the same time gaining friends you never knew you had, and becoming part of something greater than yourself and are willing to reach out to the community with charity, not only for your own family, but for all, and are willing to recognize the common Brotherhood of mankind, under the Fatherhood of God, then you are ready to approach the door of Freemasonry and knock.

Ask, seek, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.  Best wishes to you as you begin your journey.



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