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Mike Martin - 12 August 2009 08:16 AM
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My concern is my place in the catholic church. I’m an active catholic and active KofC member, and would like to move onto join the freemasons. I haven’t had much luck within the church and within the local clergy. The answer is also a grave NO! I want to know why is it a sin for a catholic to join. Many of my friends are masons and have encouraged me to move forward, I’m at a loss, looking for answers so I can move forward..Thanks

I am sorry but no matter how helpful people here want to be they are not equipped to furnish you with a definitive or even meaningful answer! That can only come from the people who have made the charge.

Freemasonry does not claim itself to be in conflict with any religion or belief system (except Atheism).

The thing you want answered has been decided and promulgated by your Church and only your Church can give you a satisfactory answer as only it knows why it has decided what it has decided.


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