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Why the EA and FC should not wear a Masonic ring.
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The way it was explained to me, and I have there since found this to be true, is that as an EA or FC, you do not yet know enough about freemasonry to discuss it. There are a lot of things you learn in your third degree, and without knowledge of these things, it is difficult to know what is right and what is wrong masonically. Its like playing a game and not knowing the rules, you have to learn the rules first.

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Dan-O - 14 July 2011 09:43 AM

What I’d like to know is why any man would want to spend money on EA or FC jewelry so that they have something specific that they can wear for the next month or two until they can wear MM emblems.  That simply doesn’t make sense. 

Why would you spend good money on what basically amounts to a pledge pin?  You won’t wear it after your MM degree.  It just seems impatient to want to purchase and wear something like this for merely a month or two.

When I see a man wearing a Masonic ring in public, I don’t want to scrutinize it to figure out whether he is a Master Mason or not. 

I’ll always recommend that men wait until they are a Master Mason before wearing the square and compasses as a symbol of their membership.

Same here….totally agree.


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