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tell me how do i become a freemason if at all possible, what is this “greatness” i keep hearing about? and do i possess it? what benifits does one enjoy when you belong to the fraternity?

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That is a deep question, but I’ll do my best to try to address it.

To become a Freemason, the requirements are that you are a man of legal age, that you are a good person who is willing to be serviceable to your fellow creatures and have a desire to improve yourself, and that you believe in a higher power (as no Atheist may be a Freemason).  To join, you would first want to talk to a lodge near you, and meet some of the members.  If you then decide, you can submit an application.  An investigation comittee will be formed to check references and interview you.  After that, the lodge will vote on your membership, and if you are unanimously elected to receive the degrees, you will begin the process of being raised to the 3rd degree which usually takes about 3 months at one night or so a month.

The “greatness” of which you speak must be in reference to the “Time is, time was” commercials on the radio and television.  I think the point of that campaign was to illustrate that many great Americans such as Ben Franklin, George Washington, Lewis and Clark, John Wayne, Gerald Ford, etc. were all Freemasons before they were whatever it was that made them famous, and that Freemasonry can often afford the opportunity to develop that from within.  One of the principles behind Freemasonry is that we all strive to improve ourselves throughout our lives.  Freemasonry allows us the opportunity to do that through our interactions with others in the fraternity and through charitable acts toward others in the community.  Through the diverse membership of the group, we learn to deal with other people from all different walks of life, we improve our organizational skills as we take on lodge responsibilities, we can develop public speaking abilities, and even the opportunity to become a great leader through organizing comittees and accomplishing goals.  As always, this varies from person to person depending on how much effort they put into the group.  As for whether or not there is truly “Greatness” in you, the first person that would be able to recognize that is you.  Do you feel like you have a lot to offer the world, your community, or your fellow man?  In the past, Freemasonry has been a vehicle for some of our most prominent forefathers to share their greatness with their country, and it is our intent to continue in that tradition.

As for benefits above and beyond the opportunity to improve oursleves and serve others, we benefit from a very strong fraternal brotherhood.  I have become very close friends with other Masons whom I would have never met had I not joined Freemasonry.  No, you most likely will not get your own private tunnel to the office, you will still have to pay taxes and do jury duty, and you will by no means rule the world.  What you will get out of Freemasonry at the very least is an introduction to a group of men whom, once befriended, will become your lasting and memorable acquaintences with a strong desire to help you and others in your lives.

I hope that helps shed some light on the subject.




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The greatest they talk about is from within each individual.
In each man there is an untapped reservoir which he can draw on for greatness at a time of need.
Napoleon told his soldiers that a marshal’s baton was in their knapsacks if they chose to find it.


Wayne W. Anderton


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