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I’ve often heard the phrase “Masonic Light”
Is it an abstract concept of knowledge , is it a fraternity secret or is it an actual part of a mason’s perspective of divinity , The Grand Architect ?

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Thanks for your question.

Someone once said that nothing is more boring than to tell everything :-)

The use of the word “Light”—in both its verb and noun form—in Masonic ritual is indeed a large part of the the initiation and degree process. Without telling the Secrets of Freemasonry I can say that it has allegorical meanings only, and that those meanings will become apparent in your initiation into Freemasonry. Although I took an oath not to tell these secrets, most things Masonic can be “found” on the Internet. But I don’t think the true meaning can be understood outside a Masonic ceremony.

Thanks for your interest—and I hope you keep searching for light.

Bob Heruska


Bob Heruska
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I agree with Brother Heruska.  Masonry uses a system of allegory, to teach certain concepts. Honesty, morality, and brotherly love to all mankind, these are not secrets, Masonry is proud of these tenets.  I cherish Masonry, and the lessons I have learned in its instruction.  I wish you the best in your personal search for light.


Charles E. Martin
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