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What is Freemason? How to be a Freemason? Can a Christian become a Freemason?
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I am a Malaysian Chinese.  What is exactly Freemason? Is Freemason Christian. Do Freemason believe in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit? What is Freemason actually?

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A Freemason belongs to the world’s oldest and largest fraternity.  We are a group of like-minded men who meet for the purpose of enjoying the friendship and fellowship of the members of our lodge.  We also hope to improve ourselves.  Our motto is “making good men better.”  Freemasonry welcomes men of all faiths and certainly there are a great many Christians who are members.  We do not concern ourselves with the specifics of our members religious beliefs, nor do we have any religious teachings in our degrees.  As an institution, we do not have a position on the Holy Trinity, but our members are free to follow the teachings of whichever faith they subscribe to, and we encourage them to attend their worship services.


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