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Heirloom identification
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I recently lost my grandmother, and among her belongings was a ring. At first because if it’s size we assumed it belonged to her, but upon some digging I’ve discovered that it’s most likely a man’s pinky ring. I’d trying to find the history behind this ring. Also among her things we found volumes of the Encyclopedia of Freemasonary, so we’re assuming my grandfather was a mason. If anyone can shed any light on what i have, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi there.  First of all, my condolences on the loss of your Grandfather.

As for the ring, it is not specifically a masonic ring necessarily, although the skull and crossbones are sometimes used as a Masonic symbol in some lodges.  Also the initials SBH don’t ring a bell Masonically.  Were these your Grandfather’s initials?  Lastly, the number at the bottom appears to be a 37.  Can you confirm this?  If so, there is not significant meaning to the number 37 in Freemasonry that I can think of.



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