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Where do the Freemasons originate from?
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I’m a Lebanese and Living in Lebanon.
I met a guy yesterday who claimed to be a Freemason. He seemed well informed ... a bit secretive.
We talked about freemasonry and rumors concerning it. But he said one thing that sort of puzzled me ... He said, Freemasons originally began in Lebanon, in the ancient Phoenician city of Saydoun (now called Sayda) ... Is that true ?
One more thing, I heard about the concept of ask one to be one, and I’m really interested in joining. Do you know of any approved lodge in Lebanon ?

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Careful about people claiming to be Freemasons.  To be honest with you, I’m not sure of recognized Grand Lodge in Lebanon.


Kevin Kelly, PM
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Mr Mouawad

I’m afraid that this is the wrong Forum to find out information about Freemasonry in Lebanon. We only deal with Freemasonry that is recognized by the major Grand Lodges of England, Scotland, and America. There are many Grand Lodges and other groups calling themselves Freemasons—we don’t have a monopoly or copyright on the word. But you can see a list of Lodges recognized by most Lodges in the United States and England at the thread below.

We get a lot of questions on this. Just do a search. And see this thread for more information.

Origins of Freemasonry.

You will get a lot of answers here. This is what I hear most often, in capsule form.

Ancient stone masonry, and perhaps even masonic guilds, were probably found all across europe, asia, and the middle east from the time man started building temples and churches - the advent of the modern Freemasonry discussed in this Forum certainly came about during the enlightenment in the British Isles in the 18th century. Exactly how it evolved before then is a bit up for debate, although research shows it probably descended from the strong masonic guilds which flourished before the reformation.


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