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3 questions from a young Moroccan!
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How can I communicate with officials in Rabat?
How can I be an active member here in Rabat, Morocco?
Is there official mail to send requests or at least get information?
Thanks in advance!

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Regular Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Morocco

There is an address for the Grand Secretary, but as it appears to be his private address, I’m not prepared to publish it on a public site, nor, without his permission, am I prepared to pass it on to someone I don’t know personally. (Note that I’m not allowed to make contact with him, nor would I do so if asked).

Your best bet is to see what you can find locally about the Grand Lodge I mention above. 
You might be able to contact UGLE and ask them to pass on your request, but I make no guarantee that they will do so.  A better option might be to follow this link .. select a link to one of the other African Grand Lodges and ask them to pass on your request - they are more likely to have regular contact with Morocco than UGLE do as they are all on the same continent.


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