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Time Commitment
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I have a question regarding what lodges require as a time commitment to degree work.

I recently spoke with a brother from a lodge near me, and in the course of our conversation he explained that to become a member of the lodge would require meeting 2-3 nights per week for approximately 6-8 months. A considerable but not unreasonable quantity of time. A friend of mine is petitioning a different lodge several hours away and was told it is a “learn at your own pace” situation; no weekly meetings, that he had 8 months to complete all degrees, and to inform his sponsor when he felt he was ready to attempt proficiency at each degree. Both lodges are under the same Grand Lodge. Is this difference normal? I was surprised to hear one lodge would require so much and another so little.

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I can’t speak for other jurisdictions, but in Massachusetts, 2-3 nights a week for 6-8 months seems VERY EXTREME!

However, he could be including time that you review ritual, and could be suggesting that you merely review it 2-3 times a week by yourself.  I’d double check.

In general, the commitment to actually BE at something I would expect to be maybe 4 nights a month during degrees.



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I agree with Dan, two or three nights a week is a bit much and may even be contrary to one of the lessons of an Entered Apprentice.

When I was Master we met once a week at my home to review ritual and enjoy fellowship.


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