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Some questions
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Yup, you got it in one.

I think you’ve really made our point for us.  It’s so easy for conspiracy theorists to make up things and they spread like wildfire - and well, “they must be true because I read it on the internet”!  Do you see the point?  You yourself appear to have taken that route - by your own admission - “..reading some things .. inspired a feeling of fear”.  I’m hoping that now you’ve spoken to some REAL masons, you’re starting to realise what a dumb (if you’ll forgive the term - it’s early!!) reaction it was and that we’re nothing like that .. we’re just a bunch of guys who enjoy each others company and who want to become better men and better members of society. 

To be tarred as people who are ‘out only for ourselves’ hurts, as we know nothing could be further from the truth. When we discover that a member has fallen below the standards we expect of each other, depending on what they’ve done, we’ll either help them to redress their situation or, if the offence is serious enough, say bye to them permanently.  You live in the UK - from what I hope you’ve now learned, is it any wonder that UGLE has started to take the stance we have in declaring “Enough is enough”?  Half the hospices in the UK - adult and child, could barely hope to survive without our help. The air ambulances would be grounded. St John Ambulance wouldn’t have the number of ambulances they have without us buying them.  The blood couriers wouldn’t have all their bikes.  Medical research wouldn’t be funded to the level it is.  There’s so much goes on behind the scenes for the good of society that the general public doesn’t know about.  Small wonder therefore, that it hurts when we get told “you only look after yourselves” and “you’re just a bunch of crooks”.

For what it’s worth, I have known a couple of ‘excommunicated’ masons (and I have a hard time even using the description ‘mason’ in their connection) personally who, on the surface where lovely guys; but when the truth came out, I was more than happy to see them kicked out and I’ll never give them the time of day should I ever see them again (God forbid).  I now know your particular life story, and you may therefore be interested to hear that I’m extremely proud of my wife - she is a police officer working in child protection, and only yesterday came home from crown court having acquired an 11 year sentence for an offender.  Should I ever discover that’s she’s to investigate a fellow mason who turns out to be guilty, I’d be the first to report him to our masonic authorities and be quite happy to see him thrown out, even if he was a close friend.  I have a cousin who has been convicted of a similar offence.  Do I feel tainted by having him as a blood relative?  You bet your life I do!  Will I ever speak to him again? Not on your life. Does what he did make me the same as him?  DEFINITELY not!!


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Is there not more that the institution can do to publicly refute these notions to address growing discontent within outsiders at a perception of inequality

No there’s nothing we can do to prove a negative. I can’t believe you would even ask.



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