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What is the New York State (specifically NYC) background checks and process for new prospective EAs?
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Hello, brothers: I’m originally from NYC, but I’m a Freemason in the state of Maryland (I was Initiated as an EA and Raised as an MM etc in Maryland).  Anyway, a friend of mine in NYC called me up a few days ago to ask a few questions about our gentle craft as he is seriously contemplating joining the fraternity in NYC—- we spoke on the phone for about 90 minutes.  I was of course able to answer the majority of his questions (on generalized topics), but also clarify with him that although Freemasons in Maryland and in NY state (and everywhere else) recognize each other, there may be a few differences in the processes among the various Freemason jurisdictions.

Having mentioned that, he just needed some clarification as per how the process specifically works in NYC (Manhattan) where it pertains to background checks, and home visits etc.  He will most likely be joining one of those lodges housed at the Grand Lodge of NY building in Chelsea on 23rd Street—- please correct me if I’m incorrect, but I believe there are approximately 40 lodges in that buildings. 

Anyway, regarding the application process, he just needs clarification on the following.  For instance:

Step (1 ) Prospect calls/visits a local NYC lodge to speak to the brothers and complete an application,  or visits the Grand Lodge of NY website to start the application process. 

Step (2) Prospect sends in the application with the fee (what is the NY State application fee?)

Step (3) Lodge receives the application and thereafter assigns one or three lodge-members to visit prospect’s home. (Is this a NY Freemasons custom as well?)

and—- Step (4): At next Lodge meeting, Lodge then votes on the prospect.

Are there any extra steps in NY (a more extreme vetting process etc)?  What is the application fee, and what is the typical annual lodge dues fees in NYC?

And by the way, my friend in NYC is indeed of good moral character (for an investment banker…lol) and has never been in trouble with the law.

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While I’m not a member in NYC, my guess is that what is missing between steps 1 and 2 is (hopefully) a WHOLE lot of time where the prospect attends lodge events and gets to know everyone before even ASKING for an application :)



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The fee for joining is set by the individual lodge.  There is a background check that the applicant does pay for and include with his petition.  It is very unlikely that he will get a petition at one meeting and then be voted on at the next.  GL has formalized the process and the candidate meets with a member who has been certified in the process.


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