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Anti-Masonry in England 2017
Posted: 05 January 2018 07:59 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I am disheartened to see an two articles printed by the British press just before the turning of the new year. The two articles in question go on to say that Police reform is being thwarted by Freemasons who are preventing women and people of black or ethnic communities from progressing. This is a completely ludicrous claim and i am glad that United Grand lodge of England has responded to these claims. It is most disheartening because of the attempts that the UGLE have made to be more open to the public and to show that we are not a sinister organisation. With forums like this and other internet sources showing the charitable work that we do it is disappointing to see the prejudice that we still face. I will include all the relevant articles below.

The Articles

UGLE Response:


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