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Am I obligated to speak at the Agape (dinner) after lodge if there is a subject discussion?
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Is there an obligation to speak at the agape (dinner) after the masonic ceremony in lodge if there is a specific discussion?

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Could you provide a little more context?  I’ve never heard a Masonic dinner called an “agape”.  I know it means banquet in spanish, but is this something local to you?  I couldn’t tell where you were located because your profile doesn’t say.

Also….it’s very difficult to answer this question.  You have to understand that there are thousands of lodges, and they all have different traditions.  I think it is common for guests to stand and introduce themselves, but I also know of a lodge where if you are invited to dinner, a toast is mandatory.  I doubt that is the case for you, but it’s probably a question best asked by a member of that lodge.  As I said, every lodge has different processes and traditions, so there is no one single answer to your question.



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We always get together after lodge and discuss a particular subject.  We take turns to speak in a clockwise manner.  Sometimes brothers who don’t want to speak just say “pass” but some of the members sometimes frown when that happens. 

My lodge is in Italy.

If any members in this forum have a similar tradition after lodge send me a message. 



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The agape normally are just an informal and casual setting, with the meal.  Ive never heard of a structured format & taking it in turns to speak, but each master organises things as they want ultimately.  To me it sounds like good practice of public speaking, learning how to deal with more abstract concepts…

If you pass once every now and then, im sure its not a problem, but if you always pass, it means you are refusing to grow, and refusing to participate in the bond. 

Lol, just saw this was posted in 2017… ah well :)


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