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Is Sudan richer or Japan?
Posted: 29 March 2017 03:55 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]  
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Perhaps, my friend, it could be said that all societies tend to fight all those show a better way?

(By the way, my apologies for having referred to your earlier as an Arab. The Persian people are different, I know.)

Another thing, which has already been mentioned, is that authoritarian regimes - religious or even atheistic - distrust any among them who believe in good men of every race and religion being able to sir together in peace as equals, who insist on the right of the individual to make up his own mind and who demand moral rather than expedient behaviour.

It Is a sad thing to note that The Economist’s annual Index of Civil Liberties, ranking 167 nations, found its first Islamic state, Malaysia, at number 65, and most officially Islamic states such as UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and, yes, Iran, listed as authoritarian regimes, at the very bottom of the list. I regret that such is so.



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