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Cult of Isis and Ashtoreth Goddesses
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Faith, hope and love (or charity, as its part).. I beg your pardon for the absence of love within my “insistence”..
what is my purpose of asking questions here? - many doubts that arise when you try to “scientifically” prove to yourself the choice you are about to make..
There are no masonic lodges in the Turkmenistan, where I am from (if you don’t count “the red cross”). There are some lodges in Russia, where I have my second citizenship from and of which I am constantly thinking. Trying to understand the history of masonry within Russian and other cultures. Trying to solve the “puzzle” of the whole picture in connection of everything to God (or Supreme Being).
I am sorry for the way I do it - I did not mean to hurt anyone, it is just part of my character, unfortunately, to doubt. I was baptised in orthodox church, but “doubts” lead me to hinduism and its modern modification in form of ISKCON, but then again same “doubts” lead me further, as the only truth I found so far was same principle by Einstein - its relativity. )

Once again, thanks a lot for your answers. In the frames of initial question - they are more than enough. Thank you all.

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