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Irish Mason’s recent experiences - from EA to Fellowcraft
Posted: 27 October 2010 04:58 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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I love Freemasonry! - sorry, just had to get that out first <cheeky grin>

I became an entered Apprentice in Belfast 651 in March, before this I had the pleasure to meet my brethern through various festive boards and social events. I built up a solid friendship with most of the brethern, really enjoying the social interaction and the good food.  Personally I have always been interested in esoterics and theology (my primary degree at University) and found Freemasonry fascinating.  After my initiation, I found myself examining the structure of my day-to-day life.  I started to look at how I used my time during the day, how much I proportioned out to study, work, play, family and spiritual concerns.  I also found myself thinking more about my responsibility to my fellow man.

My recent elevation to Fellowcraft, has brought new understanding to my life and the world around me, and I shall be reaching the sublime degree of Master Mason just after I am married (Nov 20th) and have been elected to server as Junior Deacon for next year (Feb-Masters installation)

To any wondering about the benefits Masonry can bring, they are Numerous!, to study rich history, to examine life more fully, to have a great social life, to serve and bring joy, to know that you are part of a sincere organisation which promotes altruistic values.


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I am delighted to read this post. I wish every possible success in your masonic career. How wonderful for the brethren to dwell in unity. Especially, in the emerald isle. May all of God’s children, find peace. How marvellous it is, for men to put down sectarian differences, and religious division, and unite under the all-seeing eye. I see the costs of sectarian violence and religious bigotry, every day, when I am in Iraq. I pray for the day, when all men, from all religions can live in peace.

Erin Go Bragh!

(Irish by ancestry (County Cork). American by birth!)


Charles E. Martin
Alexandria, Virginia

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Sounds like you are making the most of joining.  Good for you!

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