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What do you think of the video (find yourself today)  that introduces Massonery on the facebook page: On The Level.  TV Season The Real Freemasons. Fr
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It is really nice video to attract newcommers to freemasonnery it is on the left of the page.
of the facebook page: On The Level.  TV Season The Real Freemasons. From Masonica TV?

The video is called find yourself today.

What do you think?

i wanted to add a link to the video but i know i have to ask permission.


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I’m not quite sure what it it trying to tell anyone. Seems like a very weak message to me - if there is a message at all…

Have a look at the UGLE web page, there is a video linked on the right if the home page called “What it means to be a Freemason”. That is far more informative.


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