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Greetings Brethren from EYE WATCH - The Masonic Regularity Watch in Lebanon.
We are a Watch Group that supervises and pin points on activities done by Irregular Lodges in Lebanon and try to provide those who joined an Irregular Lodge will all help needed for them to fix their status and become brethren and regular recognized grand lodges :)

We welcome all questions and inquiries from Brethren in Lebanon, the Arabic World & The world concerning the Masonic Situation in Lebanon.

Peter S.’.
Eye Watch Committee


Sincerely & Fraternally,
The Masonic Regularity Watch in Lebanon
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I work in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I am back in the USA for a short while). I will be very interested to learn of your activities. I would love to see regular Masonry return to Iraq/Afghanistan first for the US forces/civilians, and also for the citizens of these countries.


Charles E. Martin
Alexandria, Virginia

My blog about Masonry in Afghanistan and Iraq:
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I am still searching for a true lodge in Beirut, Lebanon since all I found was fake lodges.

They never reply at this website

And one more thing, how do we know that you are not another organization promoting for some new fake lodges era ?

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