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Ask A Mason Ask A Mason en Copyright 2018 2018-06-14T09:23:08-05:00 Information in masonic bibles <p>Hi,<br /> I saw a “masonic bible” in an antique shop, and flipping through the section that presumably makes it “masonic”, I noticed a lot of very detailed information about freemasonry in general. So detailed that it has me wondering the following: are the 3rd degree masons who get these things forbidden/discouraged from giving them to non-masons or letting non-masons peruse them? Do masons take offense to the fact that they’re sold openly on the internet to masons and non-masons alike? </p> 2018-06-13T17:14:00-05:00 Question regarding the Widows Sons MRA <p>Good evening brethren. I have a question. I am a motorcycle ride, belonging to my local HOG chapter (I ride a 2002 HD Road King Classic). I am also a freemason (clearly indicated below). I was recently pointed towards the Widows Sons riding club.<br /> Now, I was ALSO told that the GL of MA essentially outlawed this association in 2013. To date, per the research I have gone through, they have not expelled a single member who belongs.<br /> The question I have is, has that edict been lifted? I am asking here because I know that there are several prominent members here who are in MA. <br /> There are several chapters in this state, and at least two appear active. I am just curious if anyone knows what the current state is, or whether this edict was issued snd simply not being enforced.<br /> I am asking because I am torn. I would LOVE to ride with my brothers, but dont want to lose my fraternity.<br /> Thank you for any information </p> 2017-05-06T21:38:08-05:00 Other than freemasonry <p>Is there anyway, or any other organization to get my feet wet BEFORE becoming a Freemason? Not so much esoteric, but even more of a foundation before the 1st degree? I’ve thought about joining since I was 17, 25 now, like more guidance and mentorship in my life….. I want to build a future, etc… And etc lol peace </p> 2018-04-24T13:10:14-05:00 Morals and Dogma PEN PAL? <p>To Whomever May Be Interested:</p> <p>A non-Mason here.</p> <p>I received a copy of MORALS AND DOGMA OF THE ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE.</p> <p>I did not know if it was appropriate or not, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being my pen pal as I read this text?</p> <p>We can read the text together, perhaps assigning a certain number of pages a week?</p> <p>I did not want to clutter the forum with random Morals and Dogma questions, nor do I want to wait until I read the whole book before asking a question.</p> <p>You can reply here, or follow up using my contact info in my bio. </p> 2018-01-25T03:56:16-05:00 Anti-Masonry in England 2017 <p>I am disheartened to see an two articles printed by the British press just before the turning of the new year. The two articles in question go on to say that Police reform is being thwarted by Freemasons who are preventing women and people of black or ethnic communities from progressing. This is a completely ludicrous claim and i am glad that United Grand lodge of England has responded to these claims. It is most disheartening because of the attempts that the UGLE have made to be more open to the public and to show that we are not a sinister organisation. With forums like this and other internet sources showing the charitable work that we do it is disappointing to see the prejudice that we still face. I will include all the relevant articles below.</p> <p>The Articles<br /> <a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>UGLE Response: <a href=""></a> </p> 2018-01-05T19:59:57-05:00 George Washington Quote <p>There’s a meme circulating the internet of a quote that’s being attributed to George Washington. The quote states, roughly, that all freemasonry should be disbanded because it has been infiltrated by the illuminati and they have bad intentions. </p> <p>Anyone have any idea of the proposed origin of this quote? Seems like fiction to me which is usually the case when there’s no reference material for the quote. </p> 2017-11-27T19:39:04-05:00 Interested Atheist <p>There are several questions and things running through my mind.&nbsp; I will try to organize as best I can.&nbsp; Up until less than a week ago, I was a staunch Atheist.&nbsp; I’ve known for sometime this is unallowable within Freemasonry, and hence the reason I have never attempted to join.&nbsp; Recently I found a video about opening the third eye, which was very intriguing.&nbsp; Hindu in origin, after watching I did one of the guided meditations during which I made the connection of the third eye, to the eye of providence within Masonry.&nbsp; There are many other recent contributions that are bringing about this change in perception…but without going into it all, I will just get to the point and the question at hand.&nbsp; </p> <p>As my belief changes to believe that we are all Supreme Beings, will this fulfill the requirement of freemasonry?</p> <p>The following paragraph is just to provide background for my next question.&nbsp; </p> <p>Throughout my life I had been through several different religions, and often with great conflict in my readings of the Holy scriptures.&nbsp; They often appeared to have blaring contradictions that I was unable to justify.&nbsp; While I was religious, at this stage in my life…my goals, studies, and prayers were directed towards gaining the true understanding of the question of God.&nbsp; My desire has not changed, however my view of what God may be is now different than before.&nbsp; So onto my second question.</p> <p>If I join Freemasonry, will I be able to gain the knowledge of the divine that I seek?</p> <p>I know this may sound as a selfish reason, however this question is very important to me.&nbsp; I think the brotherhood, improving one’s self, and charitable things sound great as well though. </p> 2016-12-14T11:34:18-05:00 The Mass Death of Freemasons in WW2 <p>Hello,</p> <p><br /> I was wondering what Freemasons thought about the political climate and reason that lead to the death of 200,000 (I have heard this figure although I maybe wrong) Freemasons by the Nazi party during WW2.</p> <p><br /> I have heard that there was a wave of antisemitism linked with ‘banking conspiracy’ claims and a linking of Freemasons to the Zionist movement that was occurring at the time.</p> <p><br /> Looking at the current situation that is occurring today, do you feel alarmed at what is happening in the world today, especially considering the way a large amount of people believe in a ‘Zionist-Freemason’ conspiracy to take over the world?</p> <p><br /> Thanks. </p> 2016-12-15T23:21:52-05:00 how to be a freemason <p>Am someone who really wish to join freemason cause i cherish it in my heart and wish to be part of the community so pls brothers i need ur help </p> 2017-11-03T00:54:12-05:00 Masonic Internet and dimensions <p>Greetings I had a friend who used to think he was a self acting mason we no longer associate with him because all the things he was feeding me as information caused me to have a mental breakdown eventually. He also suggested i go off my medications. The problem is I’m still wondering about some of the stuff he told me about that didn’t cause any turmoil. He mentioned there is such a thing as the “masonic internet”</p> <p>he didn’t go into specific detail about it but mentioned that masons have their own internet, he also mentioned “masonic preportions” regarding food at an event run by the Knights of Columbus. This guy claimed to be a mason but technically fed me a bunch of information that contributed to mental illness. He also mentioned there are different dimensions. I am aware the fourth dimension is time. Other then that this guy claims to have seared the seventh dimension. he also claimed to have a document known as the introduction to a new world order from the 1970’s that came off of a computer. Needless to say this guy believed a conspiracy theory or 110 of them. </p> <p>Just wanted confirmation on what the dimensions are how many they are and if there is such a thing as masonic internet. This person was working on their own had no affiliated lodge however they had me confused about masonry for a while to the extent that I though masons were doing damage to the world. Which from what I can see it doesn’t appear to be that way. This individual I’m speaking of suffers from bipolar disorder and has been brought before a Mormon court to face charges in the church for other things he had to be not excommunicated but unable to attend fellowship for quite some time regarding other conduct elsewhere. I find this individual to be rather destructive mostly to himself because until I gained the strength to eliminate him from my friends circle I have seen him lose friends and spiral downwards quite a bit </p> 2017-10-03T23:38:50-05:00

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