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Ask A Mason Ask A Mason en Copyright 2017 2017-06-25T10:16:52-05:00 obvious or not-so obvious enemies of Free Masons <p>I would like to start off by saying (or typing)... </p> <p>I am a proud American/Massachusetts citizen. <br /> I love my country, my family, and my freedom. <br /> I don’t advocate violence or bullshit. (for lack of a better word…)<br /> I am not currently employed, <br /> but if I had to pick a “profession”, <br /> it would probably be an “Observer”. </p> <p>With the growth of ‘conspiracies theories’ on the internet and other media outlets… do any members fear, or aware of the dangers these ‘theories’ pose to your members and your families? I’m sure you are all well-aware that there is a large community of people who actually believe you are satanic worshipers. And.. you are single handedly responsible for the enslavement of mankind and the fall of the Liberty and Freedom for all men. ect….</p> <p>Considering the age of this group, You people had to deal with these things for many years. Your group is being slandered as we speak. I for one, never believed such stories.. (why would great men build a nation to destroy it? see ‘bullshit’ above)<br /> <br /> Do you feel opening this site, could open doors to those who wish harm any Free Masons?<br /> Do you think slander creates problems for non-members who want to become a Freemason?<br /> &nbsp; What are you doing to Protect Free Masons Reputation and Member’s well-being?<br /> &nbsp; Are there any known enemies of Free Masons, and are they a real threat.</p> <p><br /> &nbsp; </p> <p>Now i guess for the real question<br /> Were you afraid to join the Masons? </p> 2011-04-26T19:55:39-05:00 Hello <p>Good evening evryone, my quetions are<br /> 1: is there a panel meeting that you should pay 2times before you get the charity?<br /> 2: Is there Blue book in freemason?<br /> 3:is the innitiation fee.. and if it is how much will you pay??. </p> 2017-06-09T11:17:26-05:00 Just sending my greetings! <p>Good morning. I am nearly finished with the petition process at my lodge. I was initially expecting to be voted on last night but my 3rd investigation committee member was extremely busy and is meeting with me tonight instead. I am super excited and anxious to be initiated, and in this process I’m already learning the value of patience!</p> <p>In any event, I’m glad to have found this forum and I hope to be able to contribute more as my journey progresses. </p> 2017-06-08T12:52:17-05:00 Initiation June 5th 2017 <p>My initiation is tomorrow night. Bit of nerves and much excitement. I will let everyone know what I thought/felt about it in the following days! </p> 2017-06-04T19:05:40-05:00 Foreboding feeling after handing in the petition any feed back would be wonderful <p>Hi gentlemen I have a situation I’d like to explain and a question that follows. I am a kind of modern pagan, some would say a wiccan some would say a witch others the more broad neo pagan. I have been meeting with my local blue lodge for pre meeting meals the hour prior to the lodge sessions. Since day one I made it clear that despite believing in many gods and goddesses that above all I believe in one supreme being , the creator, the energy source from which all things are born. This Devine source of creation sustenance and life is referred to as Akasha. The best way to explain my believe is they Akasha the supreme being is metaphorically a many faceted crystal and all the facets are the different attributes and traits of Akasha and each facet and collection of attributes has a name of a god/dess attached to it these include all the mainstream gods as well. I don’t know if I put this in an understandable way, the other way I’ve heard it explained is a comparison to Catholicism structure only the gods are the saints and Akasha is God and the trilogy of mother maiden and crone relate to the Devine trilogy of father son and Holy Ghost. Any way the men I talked to said my belief were acceptable and so I haven’t been worried about it but last night a man I have not met was talking to me and we finished talking and I turned to talk to the man on my other side and out of nowhere the first man grabs my hand will I’m talking to someone else and starts to pull it toward him surprised by this I stopped talking and turned to the man who then questioned my pentacle ring I tried to explain my religion but the vibe I got off him was truly unnerving and surly not positive.&nbsp; I know believe in a supreme being and everlasting soul is all I need but and I know of many pagan brothers but I’m worried I just met the man who will be my first black ball. The worshipful master of the other hand seems to really like me should I talk to him and tell him I’m concerned about biased votes from that one man? </p> 2017-05-25T08:20:12-05:00 Freedom On Morocco <p><b>Hey , im ibrahim from Morocco Casablanca anyway ,&nbsp; i heard there are lodges in Morocco , <br /> and there is a one its The United Grand Lodge of Morocco in Rabat <br /> this is address<br /> the grand regular lodge of kingdom of morocco (R.L.R.R.M.). 11 rue Dayet Erroumi, appt 8, agdal rabat, Maroc<br /> when i go to this address i don’t find any lodge there what happened ?? maybe was removed lodge !!<br /> and i was call this number = +212661306850 not working <br /> i was contact lodge on USA i forget name city of lodge, but anyway someone was give me email from archive of directories of lodges<br /> was give email its <br /> afme96 at yahoo dot fr<br /> its too not working when i send Msg nobody answer me <br /> so what happened my brothers of masonic Lodges no longer in Morocco or what!!&nbsp; we need freedom there someone answer me !!!</p> <p>Thanks Brothers Freemasonry<br /> Best Regards<br /> </b> </p> 2016-09-23T16:47:46-05:00 A new road presented… <p>Greetings all,<br /> &nbsp; My name is Marshall Ham. I currently live in Mesa Arizona. I am on a journey; as we all are, and Freemasonry has presented a road along my path. <br /> &nbsp; I am a non religious christian, and also love exploring many philosophies and proverbs of enlightened men throughout the past.<br /> &nbsp; I have not led an exemplary life as a matter of fact I have been to prison before. I am thankful for that experience… for the opportunity to search inward, and discover my journey.<br /> &nbsp; I am currently reading morals and dogma and don’t have questions in particular as far as Freemasonry is concerned, however the 2 questions I have would be: Are ex-felons even considered for membership?<br /> And, if so what advice would you have as far as information to explore along the way to making an educated decision? </p> 2017-05-09T13:57:38-05:00 6 months?! A little bummed. <p>I entered my contact info to the State Grand Lodge about 2 weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything. (fast forward 2 weeks to last night) I spoke to the Secretary of the Local Blue Lodge last night and he was puzzled that he had not been notified yet. </p> <p>Checking around the net and this forum it was suggested that I should visit the local lodge and introduce myself. I’m not highly socially outward and this is a strange situation to step out there not knowing anyone, but ok. If this is the way it is done. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for this lodge meeting so I could get the ball rolling. I opened my eyes yesterday morning and my very first thought was about this meeting. Nothing ever weighs on my mind in that way.</p> <p>After sitting on the steps for almost an hour people start to arrive for the pre-meet dinner. The first 2 to walk up are an old man (85) and his son n law (60+). Turns out the father in law was Past Master at this lodge 40 years ago. And has been Master of another local lodge until recently because it has closed and moved to another local city in the Metro area. Both men were changing lodges to this lodge where I was standing. I introduced myself and told them why I was there. They were cordial, introduced themselves and invited me to come inside. We walked around for a bit but no one could find the Secretary anywhere. It seems multiple people had lodge business last night.</p> <p>So I was given a petition and invited to eat. I was a bit embarrassed but didn’t want to be rude. So on the advice of a few members from this forum I took it as a chance to meet and talk to a few of them. The food was fine, the OES ladies were nice. My hosts (the father n law and son n law) set me between them and at least one of them stayed with me my entire time at the lodge. We did not talk a LOT or about anything vital in any way. But I did enjoy just being with them. Especially the old man. He said even less than the rest but it was a positive presence to be near. I like him. As the meal started to wind down more members started to arrive and wander around, carrying aprons and stuff. My hosts invited me upstairs to look for the secretary again.</p> <p>At 40 years old, I am pretty sure I was the youngest person there. Out of about 30-35 members there, I saw maybe 3 others in the under 50 group, still pretty sure I was younger than those too.</p> <p>I was surprised and honored to be invited inside the Hall itself. The secretary had set up and was conducting business in there. I waited my turn, was introduced and I gave him my information. At that time it was explained to me that since I don’t have any relatives that are Masons, and I don’t even know any Masons, I’d have to know someone in the lodge for at least 6 months before I could petition (I think that is right). As we were leaving I was given a bit more information to take home and encouraged to continue coming to the monthly dinners and the monthly pancake breakfasts. I thanked my hosts multiple times who did seem genuinely interested in me and they made all the gestures of seeing me off.</p> <p>I went home where my family was waiting to start a movie as family time. Spoke to my wife briefly about the encounter and where I was in the process. By the time the movie was done, it was getting late I needed to lay down. The whole family was tired by now.</p> <p>When I woke up this morning again the whole situation is the FIRST thing on my mind and ONLY this morning does it set it. I don’t think I can begin tog et involved or learn anything or start my ......&nbsp; anything for 6 months! Again nothing ever takes the front of my mind so dominantly as this has the past 2 days. </p> <p>My emotional response is less than thrilled. So what now? I basically have 6 months of 1 dinner a month and maybe a pancake breakfast (really cuts close to church time). That’s a while and I am not exactly an extrovert. Even some of the Freemason FAQs and websites recommend that if you are looking for a social group, the Moose, Elk, Woodman ect are better options. If my mind is in the right gear this morning, even my petition is no good for the next 6 months as it would just be set aside, possibly even misplaced?</p> <p>But what choice do I have? Either do it, or give up right? </p> <p>Thanks to everyone who weighed in so far with suggestions of visiting the lodge, and staying for food if invited. I am glad I did on both accounts. I’m really glad I got to hang around the Past Master. </p> 2015-12-08T08:11:20-05:00 Problems ordering a ring from Gordon Spurlock? <p>Has anyone else had challenges getting his ring as ordered from Gordon Spurlock?</p> <p>Thanks. </p> 2017-06-11T17:06:56-05:00 Hii <p>hello my other quetion is..</p> <p> i want to know about being in here..can you be in a portal if your not a member?.. n if yes how do people join here </p> 2017-06-09T11:19:42-05:00

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