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Ask A Mason Ask A Mason en Copyright 2018 2018-05-11T01:48:40-05:00 Question, if any of my family were ever Masons are they obligated to tell me? <p>Sorry for coming back, just some strange things coming to light, if my father was a mason is he in anyway obligated to tell me? </p> 2018-05-02T05:17:25-05:00 Some questions <p>I had a look around on these forums and discovered a number of threads pertaining to conspiracy theories. Most of them are garbage. With this said, the abundance of these threads prompted me looking deeper into the matter. </p> <p>As a result, I found some disconcerting things about Freemasonry that I would hope I can receive an answer for. </p> <p>During my research I found out about a man called William Morgan. According to a source Lucien V. (1912). Pioneering in Masonry: The Life and Times of Rob Morris, Masonic Poet. Louisville, KY: Brandt &amp; Connors Company. p. 70 a Sheriff, Eli Bruce, who is known to be a Mason was removed from his office then tried and sentenced for his role in Mr Morris’s disappearance. There were also other Masons that were tried and convicted in relation to the same offence. </p> <p>Furthermore, according to the Commons Select Committee about the child sexual abuse in Rotherham UK (2nd September 2014) there was some masonic involvement. </p> <p>Now I shall be frank. This kind of carry on would implicate Freemasonry as a criminal enterprise. In all honesty I feel fear when posting this because of the information I have read and this should not be so. </p> <p>My question is therefore this, in the light of the evidence I have provided above, why should I not carry a belief that Freemasonry is a wholly criminal organisation?</p> <p>Thank you. </p> 2018-04-11T16:08:58-05:00 freemason Philippines <p>Hi good day my name is mark im from Philippines, how can i join masonic lodge </p> <p>anyone can assist me </p> <p>Thanks </p> 2018-05-09T08:01:10-05:00 Regalia eBay or online shops <p>Hello</p> <p>I am after some regalia. When I checked online, there are plenty of reputable masonic shops but also eBay.</p> <p>The photos look the same. I think everybody is using some stock pictures. </p> <p>However, price is not the same. Masonic websites are at least P more expensive. I would pay more for quality regalia but if it’s to get the same thing I can find on eBay, it doesn’t make sense to pay more.</p> <p>I would like to know if you have any experience with that. </p> 2018-05-08T09:28:37-05:00 Join to Spanish Mason organization in San Francisco California <p>Hello,</p> <p>I would like to join in a Mason organization in San Francisco California, but I want to know if a Spanish speaking organization is operating in this area.</p> <p>Thank you, </p> 2018-05-03T13:28:09-05:00 Becoming a Scottish Rite Mason. <p>My father and I are both Master Masons in Texas. On June 1st and 2nd we will be driving to Austin to take part in the reunion. My question is once completed are you given an apron,hat or any other<br /> Masonic regalia? </p> 2018-04-30T02:27:08-05:00 Can you be gay or bisexual and a Freemason? <p>Hey everyone, hope you are well. </p> <p>I am interested in finding out if being homosexual or bisexual would preclude a man from joining as a Freemason? </p> <p>I’m aware that persons in lodges could have different understandings about such matters, however, is there a generalised position on this? </p> <p>Best, </p> 2018-03-31T05:02:34-05:00 to join the organisation <p>i want to join the freemason brothers.<br /> i am from morocco i have 56 year old.<br /> i am a teacher </p> 2018-04-15T11:13:39-05:00 Believing in a supreme being <p>Hey everyone, hope all is well. </p> <p>I am acutely aware that one condition for joining Freemasonry is the belief in a supreme being - please correct my terminology if it is not accurate. </p> <p>So I have a few questions about that: </p> <p>1. Does this need to be a belief in a supreme being such as God, Jehovah or the innumerable other names as a conscious entity?</p> <p>2. If I were to say that I believed in a supreme being in an equatable way to my belief in money - that is a supreme being exists not in nature but rather the design of man alone. And that any actual power that supreme being has is merely based on human’s belief and action due to that belief. Just as money is not a natural occurrence and it is only given any power because humans decide to give it that power. Would this classify as a belief in a supreme being within the “Masonic principal” for admission to the fraternity? </p> <p>Just to note that the aforementioned statement does not reflect my personal belief in a Supreme being. However, I do not believe in that entity in a way that is conventional or so literal as many people do. I’d personally call “god” the Universal Law. That is whatever rule governs all forces within the Universe. So for example, if I push an object in space we have observed it will continue to travel. My understanding of a “supreme power” is the descriptor to any rule that forces which act upon that object have. I am not sure if this would qualify as a belief in a “supreme being” according to Masonic principles either? </p> <p>My apologies for the long winded question, I just thought it would be interesting to dig a bit deeper into a Masonic interpretation of Supreme being. </p> <p>Kind regards, </p> <p>Sol </p> 2018-03-31T02:46:56-05:00 HOW TO BE A FREEMASON? and I’m not from US <p>hello. thanks for approving me here. I really need help.</p> <p>basically shit happens to my life and I sign to this, and I wanna become a freemason.</p> <p>I’m not a US people, can I still be accepted? and I’m not an important guy. I’m just a lost man, who were rejected by my own family because shit happens a.k.a broken home </p> 2018-03-16T11:24:16-05:00

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