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Ask A Mason Ask A Mason en Copyright 2018 2018-07-18T10:52:52-05:00 Freemason Lodges in Germany? <p>Hello Brothers! I just re-enlisted in the US Army and I am getting stationed in Germany! Does anyone know any English speaking Masonic lodges in Germany? Thanks Brothers, and may the GAOTU keep His eyes on you all!</p> <p><br /> Bro Aaron </p> 2016-06-02T20:19:52-05:00 to join the organisation <p>i want to join the freemason brothers.<br /> i am from morocco i have 56 year old.<br /> i am a teacher </p> 2018-04-15T11:13:39-05:00 I think the Lodge forgot about me… <p>I peitioned my local lodge shortly before they went dark for the summer.&nbsp; I didn’t have a connection per se, I just introduced myself at an open house last year &amp; it went from there.&nbsp; The current WM is the closest thing I have to a sponsor right now, he’s been my main point of contact since expressing interest.</p> <p>I was invited to the lodge’s welcome back picnic and was supposed to be investigated then, so that they could vote on my petition at the first meeting.&nbsp; It seemed like we all had a good time—except None of the investigating commitee showed up, and they were supposed to get in contact with me to arrange something so that my petition could proceed.&nbsp; Two stated meetings have gone by since then, and I’m starting to feel like I was pre-blackballed by the investigating comittee before even getting that far.&nbsp; But, I realize that there could be plenty of other factors holding it up—just feels like I should have gotten a phone call of some kind by now.</p> <p>What do I do?&nbsp; Initiate more contact, or just be patient? </p> 2009-09-23T20:53:37-05:00 Information in masonic bibles <p>Hi,<br /> I saw a “masonic bible” in an antique shop, and flipping through the section that presumably makes it “masonic”, I noticed a lot of very detailed information about freemasonry in general. So detailed that it has me wondering the following: are the 3rd degree masons who get these things forbidden/discouraged from giving them to non-masons or letting non-masons peruse them? Do masons take offense to the fact that they’re sold openly on the internet to masons and non-masons alike? </p> 2018-06-13T17:14:00-05:00 Question regarding the Widows Sons MRA <p>Good evening brethren. I have a question. I am a motorcycle ride, belonging to my local HOG chapter (I ride a 2002 HD Road King Classic). I am also a freemason (clearly indicated below). I was recently pointed towards the Widows Sons riding club.<br /> Now, I was ALSO told that the GL of MA essentially outlawed this association in 2013. To date, per the research I have gone through, they have not expelled a single member who belongs.<br /> The question I have is, has that edict been lifted? I am asking here because I know that there are several prominent members here who are in MA. <br /> There are several chapters in this state, and at least two appear active. I am just curious if anyone knows what the current state is, or whether this edict was issued snd simply not being enforced.<br /> I am asking because I am torn. I would LOVE to ride with my brothers, but dont want to lose my fraternity.<br /> Thank you for any information </p> 2017-05-06T21:38:08-05:00 Hi Dear Brothers <p>I live in Azerbaijan and i want to find the lodge of brothers in the Azerbaijan ...if you know something about it please help me… </p> 2018-06-10T16:54:33-05:00 Back to work <p>It has been quite a long time since I last wrote a posting on this site. In fact, I haven’t even checked in to read postings for some time. When ASK first appeared and I joined it, I used to check in first thing every day and posted often. In time, however, the success of ASK was such that we seemed to run out of new questions to deal with. The site was so successful that we certainly covered all the most commonly asked questions. </p> <p>At about the same time, I finished my second and third years as WM of my lodge and began a welcome retirement from all the duties that entails. The lodge also chose an official “ritualist”, an officer who is in charge of instructing and rehearsing the officers in the ritual. I had been doing that without any official title for many years, but was glad to have someone else take it up. The PM who did so (and is still doing it) is an extraordinary officer. He knows every syllable of all the work and also handles the instruction of the new brothers after the conferral of the degrees (I’m intentionally avoiding the “C” word here) along with serving as permanent Sr. Deacon. He first served as WM in 1959 and twice more around 2001 and is 90 years old!&nbsp; At about that time, I began having health problems, which have increased since then, so I’m frequently unable to get out to Lodge and I don’t attend officers’ rehearsals, consequently I have not participated in any ritual work for nearly 10 years.</p> <p>Last night, I felt pretty well and went to Lodge. The Lodge communication stated that it would be a normal business meeting possibly with some degree work. When I arrived I learned that we would be raising two candidates to the MM degree. The attendance was poor, due to a lot of members sick and the possibility of snow late in the evening. In fact, after we finished dinner and were ready to open, there were only 12 members present besides the two candidates. The WM asked me if I would serve as Jr. Warden for the evening. I agreed to do so, in spite of having no rehearsal, not even time to go over the part and with two difficult pieces of work (the Obligation, which is given to the candidate by the Jr. Warden in our ritual, and the “Grasshopper”, the piece of Ecclesiastes which begins the Hiramic drama). I was worried about going blank and forgetting where I was or forgetting pieces of the work, but happily it didn’t happen. As I knelt down and started the obligation, it came back without much effort and with only a couple of slight pauses while I searched my memory. When I walked the candidate around the room “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth” rolled out like it always has and the small number of brothers present resulted in everybody present having something to do. I really had a great time and I think everyone present did also. And it was great doing it for a man in his 20’s and another in his 30’s.</p> <p>I recount all this to give advice to those of you who are new lodge officers or thinking about becoming a lodge officer.<br /> * Learn all you can as soon as you can.<br /> * If asked, teach what you know to others. The best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else.<br /> * Strive for perfection in every part; but even more important, learn to deliver it relatively slowly and with clear diction and in a confident manner with plenty of expression. Avoid sounding like you are doing a chore reeling off a memorized text (even if that’s what it is).<br /> * And after you become a PM, don’t disappear. You can still contribute and if you’re lucky, you will get to sit in now and then when they need you. </p> <p>I’m going to get back to looking into ASK and I think I’ll ask our WM if I can do the Master’s part some evening when we are doing the 1st or 3rd degree. That will keep my memory sound. </p> 2018-03-27T21:38:18-05:00 Question, if any of my family were ever Masons are they obligated to tell me? <p>Sorry for coming back, just some strange things coming to light, if my father was a mason is he in anyway obligated to tell me? </p> 2018-05-02T05:17:25-05:00 Some questions <p>I had a look around on these forums and discovered a number of threads pertaining to conspiracy theories. Most of them are garbage. With this said, the abundance of these threads prompted me looking deeper into the matter. </p> <p>As a result, I found some disconcerting things about Freemasonry that I would hope I can receive an answer for. </p> <p>During my research I found out about a man called William Morgan. According to a source Lucien V. (1912). Pioneering in Masonry: The Life and Times of Rob Morris, Masonic Poet. Louisville, KY: Brandt &amp; Connors Company. p. 70 a Sheriff, Eli Bruce, who is known to be a Mason was removed from his office then tried and sentenced for his role in Mr Morris’s disappearance. There were also other Masons that were tried and convicted in relation to the same offence. </p> <p>Furthermore, according to the Commons Select Committee about the child sexual abuse in Rotherham UK (2nd September 2014) there was some masonic involvement. </p> <p>Now I shall be frank. This kind of carry on would implicate Freemasonry as a criminal enterprise. In all honesty I feel fear when posting this because of the information I have read and this should not be so. </p> <p>My question is therefore this, in the light of the evidence I have provided above, why should I not carry a belief that Freemasonry is a wholly criminal organisation?</p> <p>Thank you. </p> 2018-04-11T16:08:58-05:00 Other than freemasonry <p>Is there anyway, or any other organization to get my feet wet BEFORE becoming a Freemason? Not so much esoteric, but even more of a foundation before the 1st degree? I’ve thought about joining since I was 17, 25 now, like more guidance and mentorship in my life….. I want to build a future, etc… And etc lol peace </p> 2018-04-24T13:10:14-05:00

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