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Ask A Mason Ask A Mason en Copyright 2018 2018-09-17T21:54:57-05:00 A new member from Indonesia <p>Hello, and thanks for allowing me to join the forum.<br /> Quick intro - English bloke now living in Indonesia, working as a consultant for a company in Jakarta but I work all over the country - not sure if my wife likes that or not.</p> <p>To the point in hand - I knew a few masons back in England and they interested me so I’d like to find a couple of people over here with a view to a chat about possible membership.</p> <p>It was declared illegal some years ago but the ban was lifted after the fall of the last dictator so all is well from a legal point of view. However, some more conservative Muslim groups tend to hold wild ideas so I can see why local Masons would want to keep their heads down.</p> <p>In hope of a chat, even if it only be on this forum,<br /> Dave </p> 2018-09-17T03:17:28-05:00 Question, if any of my family were ever Masons are they obligated to tell me? <p>Sorry for coming back, just some strange things coming to light, if my father was a mason is he in anyway obligated to tell me? </p> 2018-05-02T05:17:25-05:00 Rejected Application <p>I just got word in an email that my app. was rejected. I was talking with the Worshipful Master about it and he told me to keep coming to the Lodge as a guest. I for obvious reasons I’m not sure about this, as someone there does not want me to join.. I would like some advise. This Lodge is in CA.&nbsp; Thanks </p> 2012-11-05T00:24:50-05:00 New Member <p>Hello, I’m new here and I’m not a mason, but I really want to be. Maybe you know a Russian-speaking or German-speaking Lodges in Colorado? Because I don’t speak English very well yet. Thank you all so much. </p> 2018-07-30T21:14:09-05:00 to join the organisation <p>i want to join the freemason brothers.<br /> i am from morocco i have 56 year old.<br /> i am a teacher </p> 2018-04-15T11:13:39-05:00 Islam, the Mideast, and Freemasonry <p>Some months ago, Lion of Jordan inquired about joining Masonry and posted some informative comments which piqued my curiosity. We have been exchanging PMs for some time, both of us asking and answering the other’s questions.</p> <p>I have learned that LOJ is a fairly young man living in a country where Freemasonry is absolutely forbidden, and that to attract attention to himself as someone who is interested in Masonry would jeopardize his job, and probably worse. I think that some of the information he has given me is of considerable value, as it uncovers a view from a Muslim standpoint of much that we, as western (and mostly Christian) masons, understand in a different manner in some cases, and in the same manner in others. </p> <p>I’m hoping this thread will do two things: 1) Provide an opportunity to obtain information about Freemasonry to inquirers who are Muslims; 2) help the rest of us to understand the traditions and teachings of a huge number of people who are, in the current political atmosphere, viewed in the West with much suspicion and even hatred. I know that I myself have much to learn, and I’m sure that’s true of most of us.</p> <p>I hope that there will be input from friendly commentators, insde and outside of the Fraternity, to provide information, ask questions, and respond to questions. This, of course, will be on matters relating to history, tradition, the practice of masonry, etc; but no discussion of religion per se, as that would not be appropriate for a Masonic discussion.</p> <p>To get started, I will try to copy to this thread four PMs which I received from Lion of Jordan. Others which I received I won’t copy, because they contain some personal details, and I won’t post anything that might possibly be used to identify him. I specifically asked his permission to do this, and he agreed without qualifications. </p> 2010-03-12T12:20:03-05:00 I think the Lodge forgot about me… <p>I peitioned my local lodge shortly before they went dark for the summer.&nbsp; I didn’t have a connection per se, I just introduced myself at an open house last year &amp; it went from there.&nbsp; The current WM is the closest thing I have to a sponsor right now, he’s been my main point of contact since expressing interest.</p> <p>I was invited to the lodge’s welcome back picnic and was supposed to be investigated then, so that they could vote on my petition at the first meeting.&nbsp; It seemed like we all had a good time—except None of the investigating commitee showed up, and they were supposed to get in contact with me to arrange something so that my petition could proceed.&nbsp; Two stated meetings have gone by since then, and I’m starting to feel like I was pre-blackballed by the investigating comittee before even getting that far.&nbsp; But, I realize that there could be plenty of other factors holding it up—just feels like I should have gotten a phone call of some kind by now.</p> <p>What do I do?&nbsp; Initiate more contact, or just be patient? </p> 2009-09-23T20:53:37-05:00 Ben Franklin “Ask a Freemason” Videos <p>Hello all</p> <p>We’ve been getting some PM’s and emails from folks over the last few months asking what happened to the Ben Franklin Videos that used to be on the link at the top of the page.&nbsp; Our apologies. As those pages reside on the Massachusetts Freemasonry site, that site is currently being forwarded to <a href=""></a>—the new recruitment website for Freemasonry in Massachusetts.</p> <p>While we hope you take the time to visit the new site, we do expect to get the link corrected soon. But fear not—the Ben videos can still be accessed—just click on on the link below:</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>And feel free to send the link to anyone you might know who is looking for it.</p> <p>Bob Heruska<br /> Forum Administrator </p> 2016-05-07T15:02:37-05:00 Freemason Lodges in Germany? <p>Hello Brothers! I just re-enlisted in the US Army and I am getting stationed in Germany! Does anyone know any English speaking Masonic lodges in Germany? Thanks Brothers, and may the GAOTU keep His eyes on you all!</p> <p><br /> Bro Aaron </p> 2016-06-02T20:19:52-05:00 Oaths and being “unequally yoked?” <p>I am asking this question in regards to 1 Corinthians 6:14, to those Masons here who are active Christians who are avid Bible readers. I am very drawn to Freemasonry and I don’t share the common Christian beliefs that Freemasonry is into evil stuff like Satan worship. I believe that it would be a good thing for me. However, in Freemasonry I would be sharing membership with people of many other faiths. On the other hand, I am pondering the actual context of the Bible verse at hand. It speaks of being “yoked” which symbolically means “teachings.” I wouldn’t be yoked in the sense that Freemasonry would take precedence over my own beliefs. And if yoked means teachings,&nbsp; then that would mean that a yoke is something altogether different and apart from an oath of membership, correct? </p> 2018-07-20T17:09:24-05:00

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