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Ask A Mason Ask A Mason en Copyright 2017 2017-11-20T20:40:39-05:00 Can I Become One? <p>Hello Member of the forum since November 10, 2012 </p> <p>I think i have signed up for this site when i was the age of 20 maybe 21? i am now 25 years old</p> <p>I have a question when i signed up for this site i had no record… now sadly i do ... i live in north Carolina (black male) married with 2 kids expecting a third child * wife pregnant * </p> <p>i have sadly gotten in trouble back in 2015 is when my * arrest date * back in 2015 and i guess this would be my day that i went to court and did my time for my stupid mistake 05/31/2016 ? </p> <p>it’s my first time getting into trouble so i honestly don’t know how it all works. </p> <p>Either way i went to court and pled guilty and i was pled with DWI and they sentence me to 30 days in jail but i have a job so i was doing weekends only.. </p> <p>so through out my probation period i was doing what i would normally do.. i would work come home and relax with wife and kids and just go to sleep work and etc… the only reason why i made this mistake is because i wanted to take a friend home on the 4th of july of 2016 and was worried his mother was going to make a big fuss that he wasn’t home…</p> <p>which was kinda weird because he was like 30 something years old still living with his mother and had a job and everything just didn’t have him own place..</p> <p>either way here is some information i pulled online from me getting in trouble ( DWI LEVEL 1 <br /> PRINCIPAL) Offense Date 07/05/2015 / Conviction Date:&nbsp; 05/31/2016 </p> <p>i have been off probation for a very long time i gotten two jobs now one job is 12 hours and the other one is over 17 hours i don’t know if that matters or not. but i have alot more better income then before… honestly i feel like freemasonry will better myself not just because it’s the largest fraternal because it will me become a better father husband and man overall i am just 25 i am still young and still have alot to learn and i think the people in the lodge can also help me to become a better person </p> <p>i know if i do apply for a lodge that is PH i will have to let them know that of my history even though they will do a back ground check i know being honest is the best thing you can do. do you masons on the fourms think i have a shot at become a mason? </p> <p>or it’s maybe to soon and i should at least wait 2 more years? </p> 2017-11-18T00:10:00-05:00 Foreboding feeling after handing in the petition any feed back would be wonderful <p>Hi gentlemen I have a situation I’d like to explain and a question that follows. I am a kind of modern pagan, some would say a wiccan some would say a witch others the more broad neo pagan. I have been meeting with my local blue lodge for pre meeting meals the hour prior to the lodge sessions. Since day one I made it clear that despite believing in many gods and goddesses that above all I believe in one supreme being , the creator, the energy source from which all things are born. This Devine source of creation sustenance and life is referred to as Akasha. The best way to explain my believe is they Akasha the supreme being is metaphorically a many faceted crystal and all the facets are the different attributes and traits of Akasha and each facet and collection of attributes has a name of a god/dess attached to it these include all the mainstream gods as well. I don’t know if I put this in an understandable way, the other way I’ve heard it explained is a comparison to Catholicism structure only the gods are the saints and Akasha is God and the trilogy of mother maiden and crone relate to the Devine trilogy of father son and Holy Ghost. Any way the men I talked to said my belief were acceptable and so I haven’t been worried about it but last night a man I have not met was talking to me and we finished talking and I turned to talk to the man on my other side and out of nowhere the first man grabs my hand will I’m talking to someone else and starts to pull it toward him surprised by this I stopped talking and turned to the man who then questioned my pentacle ring I tried to explain my religion but the vibe I got off him was truly unnerving and surly not positive.&nbsp; I know believe in a supreme being and everlasting soul is all I need but and I know of many pagan brothers but I’m worried I just met the man who will be my first black ball. The worshipful master of the other hand seems to really like me should I talk to him and tell him I’m concerned about biased votes from that one man? </p> 2017-05-25T08:20:12-05:00 Lion of jordan i wish if u replay me <p>Im jordenin <br /> And i wish if u can help me to join <br /> Im 26 old and i dont know where is lodeg <br /> I know about lion location and under the yadode and door 70<br /> There thank u </p> 2017-11-12T13:38:21-05:00 Blue Lodge vs Red Lodge <p>I recently visited a Lodge in New Orleans LA. Very interesting and a bit different.</p> <p>I still am not sure about their Explanation. Apparently in the 16th District in LA the 10 Lodges are Red Lodges. They are still Masonic, still regular but it has something to do with Scottish Rite Masonry and York Rite Masonry.</p> <p>I was wondering if anyone could more clearly clarify this.</p> <p>Thanks</p> <p>William Lessard<br /> Ezekiel Bates Lodge<br /> Attleboro MA </p> 2017-08-02T07:05:37-05:00 Interested Atheist <p>There are several questions and things running through my mind.&nbsp; I will try to organize as best I can.&nbsp; Up until less than a week ago, I was a staunch Atheist.&nbsp; I’ve known for sometime this is unallowable within Freemasonry, and hence the reason I have never attempted to join.&nbsp; Recently I found a video about opening the third eye, which was very intriguing.&nbsp; Hindu in origin, after watching I did one of the guided meditations during which I made the connection of the third eye, to the eye of providence within Masonry.&nbsp; There are many other recent contributions that are bringing about this change in perception…but without going into it all, I will just get to the point and the question at hand.&nbsp; </p> <p>As my belief changes to believe that we are all Supreme Beings, will this fulfill the requirement of freemasonry?</p> <p>The following paragraph is just to provide background for my next question.&nbsp; </p> <p>Throughout my life I had been through several different religions, and often with great conflict in my readings of the Holy scriptures.&nbsp; They often appeared to have blaring contradictions that I was unable to justify.&nbsp; While I was religious, at this stage in my life…my goals, studies, and prayers were directed towards gaining the true understanding of the question of God.&nbsp; My desire has not changed, however my view of what God may be is now different than before.&nbsp; So onto my second question.</p> <p>If I join Freemasonry, will I be able to gain the knowledge of the divine that I seek?</p> <p>I know this may sound as a selfish reason, however this question is very important to me.&nbsp; I think the brotherhood, improving one’s self, and charitable things sound great as well though. </p> 2016-12-14T11:34:18-05:00 The Mass Death of Freemasons in WW2 <p>Hello,</p> <p><br /> I was wondering what Freemasons thought about the political climate and reason that lead to the death of 200,000 (I have heard this figure although I maybe wrong) Freemasons by the Nazi party during WW2.</p> <p><br /> I have heard that there was a wave of antisemitism linked with ‘banking conspiracy’ claims and a linking of Freemasons to the Zionist movement that was occurring at the time.</p> <p><br /> Looking at the current situation that is occurring today, do you feel alarmed at what is happening in the world today, especially considering the way a large amount of people believe in a ‘Zionist-Freemason’ conspiracy to take over the world?</p> <p><br /> Thanks. </p> 2016-12-15T23:21:52-05:00 how to be a freemason <p>Am someone who really wish to join freemason cause i cherish it in my heart and wish to be part of the community so pls brothers i need ur help </p> 2017-11-03T00:54:12-05:00 Masonic Internet and dimensions <p>Greetings I had a friend who used to think he was a self acting mason we no longer associate with him because all the things he was feeding me as information caused me to have a mental breakdown eventually. He also suggested i go off my medications. The problem is I’m still wondering about some of the stuff he told me about that didn’t cause any turmoil. He mentioned there is such a thing as the “masonic internet”</p> <p>he didn’t go into specific detail about it but mentioned that masons have their own internet, he also mentioned “masonic preportions” regarding food at an event run by the Knights of Columbus. This guy claimed to be a mason but technically fed me a bunch of information that contributed to mental illness. He also mentioned there are different dimensions. I am aware the fourth dimension is time. Other then that this guy claims to have seared the seventh dimension. he also claimed to have a document known as the introduction to a new world order from the 1970’s that came off of a computer. Needless to say this guy believed a conspiracy theory or 110 of them. </p> <p>Just wanted confirmation on what the dimensions are how many they are and if there is such a thing as masonic internet. This person was working on their own had no affiliated lodge however they had me confused about masonry for a while to the extent that I though masons were doing damage to the world. Which from what I can see it doesn’t appear to be that way. This individual I’m speaking of suffers from bipolar disorder and has been brought before a Mormon court to face charges in the church for other things he had to be not excommunicated but unable to attend fellowship for quite some time regarding other conduct elsewhere. I find this individual to be rather destructive mostly to himself because until I gained the strength to eliminate him from my friends circle I have seen him lose friends and spiral downwards quite a bit </p> 2017-10-03T23:38:50-05:00 Required belief in a Supreme Being <p>This page &lt;; says: “...are expressed outwardly through service to God, family, country, and self under the Fatherhood of God within…”</p> <p>Given the effectiveness of the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution, is it still necessary to outwardly placate and pander to the “God” myths? Inwardly, is the Supreme Being view meant to reflect or resonate with the individual person’s psychic architecture? </p> 2017-09-19T14:06:31-05:00 Wanting to join <p>Hello everyone I am currently serving in the navy and beginning the process of transferring to my next command which will be in Bahrain. Are there any lodges on the military installation in Bahrain? I have spoken with a few masons here in Nebraska where I am currently stationed and I was told I can go through the process of joining here before I leave through the Scottish rite in Omaha who has a expedited program although I leave in less than 3 weeks and would like to be able to be active in the lodge rather than just joining and leaving. If there are no lodges in Bahrain are there corespondence lessons to continue learning if I were to join before I go? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all for your time.</p> <p>VR<br /> John Gutschow </p> 2017-09-26T12:27:45-05:00

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