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Ronald T. Doucette
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Boston. Massachusetts, USA
Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, at an International Investment Bank
International Island Travel, Scuba Diving, Cooking with exotic spices, Collecting and drinking fine Rum, Masonic History
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Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M., First Masonic District, Boston, Ma., USA

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July 21, 2019  06:24 PM
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November 22, 2011  11:37 AM
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January 08, 2008  05:13 PM
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May 19, 2011  10:18 AM
June 7

“No Man is an Island” it has been said. I grew up living on islands, while traveling in a US Navy family.
Today, I am still drawn to islands and the sea. Educated in Connecticut and relocated to Massachusetts for a profession in Investments, had directed me to be introduced to Masonry. Twenty-Five years have provided the opportunity for me to meet and befriend scores of men and their families through Masonry. I have served my Lodge and other bodies in many capacities: Trustee, Treasurer, Secretary, Ambassador and WebMaster. I am currently in the path to Master, via the Senior Warden position in my Lodge. As a District Officer for the past six years, I have met many distinguished Masons and assist to help make new members.
I see my future in Masonry as to help “Craft” the history of our fraternity for a noble fruition.

Columbian Lodge, Boston, Worshipful Master Elect, Dec 3, 2011
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Senior Warden 2009-2010
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Junior Warden 2008-2009
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Senior Deacon 2007-2008
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Secretary, 2001-2007
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Treasurer, 1986-1999
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Chairman Masonic Ambassadors, 2007-2011
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Webmaster, Committee, 2001-2012
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Established the “Brother of the Year” Award- 2002
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Blood Chairman 1989-1997
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Bicentennial Committee 1995
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Charity Committee Chairman 2006-2010
Columbian Lodge, Boston, First District Open House Lodge Chairman 2005-2011
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Home for Little Wanderers Events Chairman- 1998-2010
Columbian Lodge, Boston, Collett-Mackintosh Event Toastmaster-2007,2009

First Masonic District, Boston, District Web Master, 2011-2012
First Masonic District, Boston, District Deputy Grand Secretary, 2009-2011
First Masonic District, Boston, District Ambassador, 2008-2009
First Masonic District, Boston, District Ambassador, 2006-2008
First Masonic District, Boston, Campaign For Masonry District Chairman, 2004-2006
First Masonic District, Boston, GM Open House Chairman, 2007-2009
First Masonic District, Boston, Lodge Of Instruction, Certified Instructor, 2007-2011

Mass Grand Lodge Masonic Forum Moderator, 2007-2010
Mass Grand Lodge Masonic Master’s Path Participant 2009

St. Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter, Boston, Trustee, 1993-2010

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Mass, R:.E:. Grand Representative to Greece, 2012
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Mass, R:.E:. Grand Representative to Panama 2002-2011

Member: St Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter, York Rite, Boston, MA
Member: St. Stephen’s Royal Arch Chapter, York Rite, Quincy, MA
Member: Boston Council Royal & Select Masters, York Rite, Boston, MA

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Boston 32°
  Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection (4° - 14°)
  Giles F. Yates Council Princes of Jerusalem (15° & 16°)
  Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix (17° & 18°)
  Massachusetts Consistory, S:.P:.R:.S:. (19° - 32°)

Member: Christ Church in the City of Boston, as Old North Church, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
Vestry Member, Finance Committee Member 2010-2013


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