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Chris Boots-Faubert
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Falmouth, MA
Newspaper Columnist
History, Fencing, Computer Networking, Game Theory
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Marine Lodge AF&AM; Falmouth, MA

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July 23, 2019  09:44 AM
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September 04, 2013  07:43 AM

Born on the third planet from the sun in the Sol System of the Milky Way Galaxy, CM Boots-Faubert was convinced that colonization of other planets would be a reality in his lifetime. 

Certain that priority would be given to engineers and people with science-based careers, he chose to read an engineering program with an emphasis upon computer science, certain that this would be his ticket to the stars.

He was wrong.

Accepting late in life that he would never be the Third Officer of a tramp freighter hauling precious metals between HD 12661 and the Earth, he fell back on his engineering degree and did engineering-like things until he grew up and became a newspaper columnist.

The grandson of a dairy farmer who disappeared once a week to attend “meetings” that required a leather case in which an apron was once glimpsed, he was aware of Freemasonry in a peripheral sense, and as an adult vowed to learn more about it. 

As it turns out, the subject of Freemasonry is complex, deep, and far-ranging, and not easily mastered in ten easy steps.  Like an onion its mysteries grow stronger as you peel away at its layers, but Boots-Faubert is thought to be a persistent fellow, so there is hope that he will one day succeed.

At the moment he is peeling away the layers of Marine Lodge, in Falmouth, Massachusetts, but he plans on peeling either the Scottish or York Rites at some point in the future.

He is happy to discuss almost any subject relating to Freemasonry, but will only debate if pillows and water pistols are involved.  When writing to Boots-Faubert, expect him to answer you, but be willing to accept potential delays in his response to you if they require him to actually think about what you wrote, or his deadline is looming.

In real life, Boots-Faubert writes in crayon for the Cape Cod Times, collects small bits of paper that occasionally end up glued to letters, and enjoys the company of a wife, two children, a pit bull in a dachshund suit, and three cats that he is convinced are extraterrestrial beings sent to earth to torment him.  CM Boots-Faubert has not won the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pulitzer Prize.

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