George K. Haile
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Beverly, MA
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Liberty Lodge, Beverly

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July 17, 2019  01:32 AM
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March 29, 2008  10:26 PM

BIOGRAPHY:  George K. Haile, Ambassador, 10th Masonic District

I received my Masters Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, in 1972.  I have taught in both public and private schools, especially at Landmark School in Beverly. I am an Air Force Veteran, married, with two daughters, and I serve on a number of community and church boards and committees I have worked for the State Department of Education for nine years as a supervisor for Program Quality Assurance.

I was involved in a number of community groups when I moved away from Beverly for a couple of years in the mid 80s.  When I returned, I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for some other community involvement. He quickly sponsored me in the Masons.  I was raised in June of 1984 in Liberty Lodge.  Before I was raised, I took part in a lodge weekend trip to Alexandria Virginia and took the second degree a second time under Virginia ritual.

I immediately became an officer and served as Master for Liberty Lodge in 1988-89. I have continued filling in as an officer, serving as Master nine times since.  I was the lodge’s first Awareness Chairman and have served as a district officer, usually District Awareness Officer, about eight times.  I also was a charter member of the North Shore Daylight Lodge and served once as their Master and currently as the Chaplain.  I also currently serve as District Ambassador, Marshal for the 10th Lodge Of Instruction, Worthy Patron for Eastern Star in Ipswich, and will move up to Senior Warden for the Emmanuel Chapter of Rose Croix in the Valley Of Salem of Scottish Rite Masons.  I also run a monthly pancake breakfast for the lodge and coordinate at least two MYCHIP events each year. I have recently joined the cast of the Consistory in Boston, performing in historical plays in makeup and costume. I am also the janitor for my Masonic lodge.

I am also involved as Secretary of the City of Beverly Homecoming Committee, serve on my church’s Christian Education Board, sing in the church choir and provide entertainment for the church’s monthly bean suppers, as well as perform during the Beverly Homecoming days.

I really do, also, have time with my family.  My older daughter lives at home with her six year old daughter, attends school part-time and works part-time, and recently became engaged. I occasionally baby-sit. My younger daughter just began her first year at Northeastern University and is doing very well. We do have dinners together each week and eat out often.  My wife is a nurse who works in a doctor’s Ob-Gyn Office.  Nancy is an officer in Eastern Star.  As you can see, Masonry has become an integral part of our lives. My life is full and rich because of this involvement.