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Ask A Mason Copyright (c) 2019 ExpressionEngine,2019:04:18 joining the fraternity,2019:/viewthread/.12183 2019-04-17T17:15:53Z Sule Greetings all.
      Am Suleiman from Kenya.Thank you very much to the organisers of the forum to acctivate my account after a handful days of waiting.
      My journey to freemasonry has not yet been succsecful,in our counry Kenya freemasonry is highly secretive at a point which its very difficul for some good men in the communities to forward their intrests.infact in places where the petitioner has neither friend nor family member who is a mason.Surely it has made good men to feel like seperated in expressing the intrest.I remember one Monday night when i went to the lodge to ask for membership, surprisingly i was chased away by the guards explaining that they were told to so, surely i was heartbroked.Is it that my intreast will be so seroiusly ignored yet its not the teaching of the order?.I have vissited our local lodge several times but the men i met claimed that they were late for the meeting.My membership in this forum gave me more hop in joining the great order.


Freemasons to get Wearable Tech in Middlesex Province,2019:/viewthread/.12181 2019-04-01T08:37:37Z Benaz PRESS RELEASE
For Release:01/04/19

Twickenham— 01/04/19 — Today at the Twickenham Masonic Centre, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex, announced immediate availability of the world’s first piece of wearable masonic technology, the self-adjusting masonic apron, featuring haptic, or tactile feedback and bluetooth, aimed at reducing time wasted and meetings delays.

Key features include:

• Auto-Adjusting Waistband

• Automatic Degree & Workings Indicator

• Haptic, or tactile Prompts (Ritual error/Snooze nudge)

• Bluetooth Integration (Accurate prompts in earpiece)

“We’re incredibly excited to see months of hard work pay off.

We’ve been looking closely at how technology can improve Masonic life, and we’re conscious that our Members waistbands change between Meetings, how they can forget lines and get inaccurate prompts, and occasionally snooze off during Meetings” said Omaid Hiwaizi, Provincial Communications Officer, of the Provincial Communications Committee.


Positive Impact –
Several senior masons have already benefited from using the apron, although you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference between this and a regular apron.

The idea came from a chance meeting of Bro Daniel Graham with a Chinese manufacturing importer in his Lodge.

With Nike releasing self lacing sneakers and wearable tech becoming more mainstream, costs have reduced considerably.


The plan is to rollout the iApron, with its Fast Operating Open Length mechanism (F.O.O.L), end of quarter 1 this year, distributing it through Masonic Centres, and online via the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex Twitter and Facebook page.

“I’ve had mine for three months now,” said W Bro Stan Marut, “It’s been amazing. I’m often cutting it fine to meetings and it made a real difference. It also means I can go that just bit more on the lodge dinner and wine.”

iApron for iMasons –
The iApron is driven by a recent study of Masonic behaviour, demonstrating how many Members are embracing digital and social media, and how to offer added value to the masonic journey and is part of PGLM’s commitment to deliver the latest technology as masonry moves into the digital age.

### END
iApron and the Fast Operating Open Length (F.O.O.L) technologies are either registered trademarks or pending trademarks of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex in the United Kingdom.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, press only:
PR Contact Name: Omaid Hiwaizi, Provincial Communications Officer, PGLM
Email: Omaid dot Hiwaizi at pglm dot org dot uk

My Journey Becoming a Freemason,2019:/viewthread/.12179 2019-03-30T15:51:53Z jdionne93 Hi all,

I would just like to share my journey of how I became a Mason in hopes it may help someone out there. I’ve always been drawn to Masonry. I believe in G-d, I believe in the common good of all humankind, and Masonry is the exemplar organization for making “good men better.” I had officially applied and was accepted back in the fall of 2016. In 2016 I was officially entered into the Craft with Morningstar Lodge in Worcester, MA. I was actually entered at Rose of Sharon Lodge because at the time Tuesday nights were busy for me. Because of my personal lack of effort and “life happening”, and what made me feel like a failure to the Masons, I never finished progressing. I never lost my interest in Masonry but I failed to follow through. Well this past October I reached out to my Lodge and on this very site for advice on how to continue and give back to the organization that I had given up on. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t be taken back but wanted to reach out anyway. Bob Heruska on this site kindly gave me some advice that I took to heart and reached out to my Lodge. They accepted me without hesitation, a true testament to the Brotherhood that is this organization. I was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft in October, and I had planned to be raised a Master Mason in November. I had a friend who was in dire need of help on the night of my raising and so I had to inform my Lodge and we rescheduled for January. But as fate would have it, the heat in my Lodge’s building shut off that night and we had to post pone again. So it was moved to February, and everyone had made the proper preparations and… of course… due to a miscommunication I had no idea we rescheduled for February. FINALLY… at LONG last… I was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on March 19th, 2019. A journey that started back in being entered into the Craft in 2016, passed to the degree of Fellowcraft in 2018, and raised to a Master Mason in 2019, I am PROUD and ECSTATIC to call myself a Mason in full right.

To all my brothers who helped me these last couple of months, officers and brothers alike, this journey really helped shaped me as a man, as someone who wishes to do right, and as an individual who can finally give back to this amazing Brotherhood.

It is NEVER too late to continue your degrees. It is NEVER a bad things to ask for help when you need it. And if ANY one out there needs a listening ear, I am more than happy to help a future candidate or Brother along the way. I wanted to share this journey so others can understand that message. This forum helped me when I was younger and it helped me reach back out to this amazing fraternity.

I will be making aliyah to Israel this year to do my military service with the IDF, and I will be happy to know I have a Lodge and Brothers to always visit when I return, and hopefully new Brothers in Israel.

Welcome Back!!!,2019:/viewthread/.12180 2019-03-31T18:05:02Z Dan-O Hey everyone, sorry for the outage.  The forum disappeared for a bit because we hadn’t renewed the domain.

Time Commitment,2019:/viewthread/.12174 2019-03-18T11:48:09Z JDHba87 Hi,

I have a question regarding what lodges require as a time commitment to degree work.

I recently spoke with a brother from a lodge near me, and in the course of our conversation he explained that to become a member of the lodge would require meeting 2-3 nights per week for approximately 6-8 months. A considerable but not unreasonable quantity of time. A friend of mine is petitioning a different lodge several hours away and was told it is a “learn at your own pace” situation; no weekly meetings, that he had 8 months to complete all degrees, and to inform his sponsor when he felt he was ready to attempt proficiency at each degree. Both lodges are under the same Grand Lodge. Is this difference normal? I was surprised to hear one lodge would require so much and another so little.

Books to purchase,2019:/viewthread/.12161 2019-02-17T19:21:56Z SivadSemaj Good evening,

    I’m seeking out some good reference material into Masonic research. I’m interested in some general and accepted history, as well as the speculative. I’ve been initiated, and expect to be raised in the coming months. I’m attempting to prepare some solid reading for my field exercise (I’ll be gone over a month for the military, at a place with no computer access and very little cell service-my fellow military brethren will understand the “fun” of Annual Training)

Of the books I’m currently looking to purchase are:

A Pilgrim’s Path by John J. Robinson
Born In Blood by John J. Robinson
Dungeon, Fire, & Sword by John J. Robinson
The Book of Hiram by Christopher Knight
The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight
Solomon’s Builders by Christopher Hodapp
The Builders by Joseph Fort Newton

    If anyone has read these books and can give a quick assessment I’d greatly appreciate it. If you can recommend a few that you have found useful in your research I would appreciate that as well.

    Also, if anyone has any good blogs or YouTube brothers. I currently follow two main pages and am attempting to find a few others:

Thank you all, G-d bless!

Initiation and the Volume of Sacred Law: What qualifies a text as divine? Is there a list I can choose from?,2019:/viewthread/.12167 2019-03-01T21:23:59Z Michael01101011 I am anxiously expecting alot of thought provoking questions should I be interviewed by Freemasons. That is why I want to use this forum—to prepare my mind.

I believe in superior extraterrestrial intelligence. I suppose the foremost among them would be my God. I am willing to submit my ignorance to something superior. I just cant say I know God, and I don’t believe any of the religions of this earth have a divine text that truly represents the divine. 

When I think about I cant see how one would qualify a text as divine. Freemasonry is not a religion so how can it classify a religious text as sacred and divine? Is there a list I can choose from?

Maybe you can explain,2019:/viewthread/.12165 2019-03-01T13:56:49Z Mary Wilkinson or Wilkman Vikama I recently lost my mother and her brother; my uncle.  I’m finding a whole lot out about my grandparents by accident since. 

My “heritage” has a few surprises that stink of freemasonry.  I will explain below:

Last name Wilkinson was “chosen” or swapped into during the 1940 census on my dads side from Wilkman / Vikama (have a look at Finland’s founding “fathers” and the demise of the Russian Empire - yes THOSE Wilkman’s / Vikamas).  One of the 3 sons was birthed in England to make it easier (in my mind), to come to the US and sew his seed here - and come to the US Mr. Alfred Wilkman did. His father Karl owned THE brick factory in Finland ...

Next my mothers side.  Rodby and Bankson (of George Washington Scribe “infamy”), are dominant with a heavy dose of Viking.  My grandfather attended Antioch College in Ohio.  Rodby and literally Dr. Seuss were heavily involved in shaping me.

I’m asking this info and have been spurred on to look for it due to some really weird encounters with law enforcement of late.  Very weird encounters ... like Virgin Mary type ... help is appreciated here ... I’m in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Freemasonry in Ireland,2019:/viewthread/.12162 2019-02-21T17:01:25Z A.ring91 Can I become a Freemason in Ireland if I have a criminal record but I am away from crime now completely

Membership,2019:/viewthread/.12135 2019-02-07T09:14:21Z Pykjic Hello, 

I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice at the Geneva Lodge in 2012. My question is regarding my membership, am I still able to continue my journey as a Mason? The reason I asked, I’m in the Philippines right now and would like to carry on my travels here. Hope you could help me with my inquiry.

Thank you!


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