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Ask A Mason Copyright (c) 2017 ExpressionEngine,2017:12:13 Senior Deacon Seat,2017:/viewthread/.11991 2017-12-09T00:00:19Z Davey Good Evening Brethren,
      Just checking in and proud to say I was elected to the Senior Deacon Chair this year. I look forward to this challenge. I know this seat plays a major role in all of the degrees and I’m up for the task!  I love learning and growing in search of more light!!! Have a great year in Masonry and to all of the newly elected and appointed officers….Congrats!!!!

Need help joining!,2017:/viewthread/.11987 2017-12-06T00:30:08Z 2017-12-06T00:33:43Z Boazbeonthe33rdlevel Hello everyone! Just a little bit about myself before i get to deep into this. I’m 18, I live in Texas, I’m a christian and one of my goals of becoming a Freemason is to become a Knights Templar! I need help becoming a Freemason. I studied Freemasonry all throughout high school, after doing about three years of studying I definitely want to be one. About four or five months ago I asked the only Freemason that I SORTA know, and he told me to go to the grand lodge of Texas website and get an application. Well i got the application but I couldn’t fill it out all the way. I had some questions about the residential questions and getting signatures. I never asked for help or anything like that and I’m not even sure why, I guess I was afraid or I didn’t know if I could ask for help. I never followed up with or gave him any updates either, and i’m not even sure why I did that. I feel really guilty about it also, when I asked him to join he had a big ol smile on his face and everything! I’m not sure if I can ask him again, and i’m kinda afraid i’ll get blackballed for doing all of that. I’m thinking about asking him again but I have another problem. I know becoming a Mason is a long process, but i don’t think i’ll have the time to do it. Starting in January i’ll be working M-F in the evening while also attending college. Every Freemason i’ve ever talked to always says they wish they joined when they where younger, so i’m trying to join as soon as I can! I don’t know if Freemasons get special time off to go to the lodge or anything like that. Would I be able to go up to my boss and ask him to take every first Thursday of the month off lol? On some other forums on here I saw something about a one day Masonry thing, but a lot of people where saying that it was a bad experience. I just don’t know if i’ll have the time to become a Mason. Should I just wait until I finish college? I’m sorta in a pickle here and I just really need help! Thank you everyone, God bless! :-)

Satanism in Freemasonry,2017:/viewthread/.11981 2017-12-04T09:50:07Z Michaeluk Good afternoon Brethren,

I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on whether followers of satanism would qualify as Freemasons? Just out of curiosity.

From my teachings so far, I have been told anyone with a belief in a higher power (a supreme being) would be able to become a Freemason as there are masons from various religions.

Does anyone know of any freemason’s whom also are satanists and whats people’s opinions on such matter?

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

I was a highly involved Mason but a number of bad things happened to me and I left, just want to talk about it.,2017:/viewthread/.11983 2017-12-04T19:42:42Z BeBoyle Hi All

I was very involved in masonry, received my MM degree and did hold an officer role. Along with this I visited lodges all around the globe and set on a committee that organised charity events in my country.

I was young and worked for a fellow mason, I was promised a salary etc and even though the brothers company went public he never paid me a cent for 10 months work (Technically owes me a minimum of €83,333 [€100,000 salary agreed for 12 months and 10 months accounted for] and this is the minimum based on agreed terms, there should be an additional €25,000 if I talk about the other promises). This along with a number of other things such as conversations with masons who claimed to do not so ethical things and in certain countries I visited the experience of illegal things (I was gifted a prostitute for my second degree which I obtained abroad, I did not take the “gift” but I do know very senior brothers who did, I do know the laws in said country on prostitution are sketchy) led me to leave.

After all this and subsequently not being able to find a job (I worked for the brother in question during and just after college, meaning I never took internships so my ability to get into a conventional career path after college was greatly hindered) I lost my apartment, even spent a few nights on the street and eventually had a complete mental breakdown. I had great opportunities and although it all set me back a few years I am not exactly back on my feet yet but I am back in college doing an MBA in a good school.

I honestly believe in Masonic values and one of the reasons I left is I felt that to be a mason was not being part of the masonry I saw, I know it sounds strange but I left as I thought that the most masonic thing I could do was leave after everything I experienced. I do want to also note that I had many friends in Masonry and I honestly believed they were my friends not because I was a mason but because we liked each-other, since I left I never hear from any of them and those I do contact might reply out of courtesy but its just one email with no further replies.

I’m not naming names of people or lodges/countries on purpose but I can.

I honestly miss being a mason and being in lodge (as I said, I was very active) but I know, considering I don’t even get replies from brothers, that I’m not welcome anymore. When I left I was told I could come back and never told anything to the contrary for the record but I just don’t feel like I could, god do I want to but there is so much wrong with it and I feel so unwelcome. It’s not masonry that has a problem it’s the people in it.

Truthfully I’m still a bit messed up after my mental breakdown, I’m doing great and excelling in some areas but I have no trust in anyone and drive people away. I have no friends anymore because I won’t let anyone in and I have been in solitude, just working and studying for nearly 2 years now. The honest truth is I’m at a stage where I don’t want people in my life anymore and have accepted I will be alone for the rest of my life, the sad part is this actually makes me happy now and I’m only 28. I had a business coaching session and my coach asked me what I had learned in the last few years, my answer was trust no one, there are no good people in this world. I actually believe that but I wasn’t always like this.

I was very involved in a number of groups and I have probably talked to some of you before on LinkedIn and Facebook back when I was a mason…

Guys, it’s been hell. I don’t even know what I want to achieve by writing this, maybe its because I believe that this fraternity attracts some good people, maybe I just want that taste of masonry back in my life, I don’t know.

Anyway, there are my 2 cents, on the level and honest.

Illuminati and freemasonry,2017:/viewthread/.11985 2017-12-05T03:41:25Z Teresa wawira someone just told me that Illuminati doesn’t exist..
personally,I’m an initiate and we have many Freemasons there…mostly 33rd degree..

Dress code?,2015:/viewthread/.11467 2015-12-09T15:31:10Z Brother Joseph I’ve browsed around a bit, seen similar topics but not really covering my questions. Since this section is “Becoming” a Mason it seemed most appropriate to ask here.

I don’t own a single suit, a single tie, no slacks, and no blazer coats. Never had a need or desire for them. I honestly don’t care for most of it, especially ties. That being said I am right now wearing some poly dress pants, white button up shirt with a folded collar, clip on tie and dress vest. All supplied by my employer as required uniform.

When I go to church I generally wear a vented fishing shirt (button up with a collar) and some carhartt pants. It looks “nice” in the way a dressed up cowboy looks nice in new blue jeans. It’s nicer than what most members wear to my church.

2 days ago I went to the lodge the first time to introduce myself and make my desire to join known. I was invited inside and to eat with them. At the time I was wearing my white shirt and pants mentioned above, with a police style outer coat that clearly says “security” on it as I had not long gotten off work. Nearly everyone there was in a suit and tie. But not all. A few were in blazer coats with ties. Or suits with coats omitting the tie. A few in dress pants, coats and polo shirts. Or coats, cowboy boots with a bolo tie. I think you see the point that there were varieties of “dressed up” but most were in a suit and tie. Only one man there had no coat.(God I hate ties, but I am sure I could work something out for just a few hours of lodge and ceremonies if I need to.)

I love to wear kilts. But not really in the bagpiper dress you may assume. I also know some lodges do have members who dress in kilts. (I’ve been digging for info on lots of things) I have an idea to dress up some of my casual kilts for lodge, and for dinners for now since that is all I can attend. Black Dress shirt with Mandarin Style Collar (its a solid collar that doesn’t fold) Dress Vest, and polished Dr Martin Boots.

Is there an Officer or designated person I should look for at dinners to ask about attire? Or should a polish up my boots and just got for it and see if it goes over? I know Masons like to “dress well” and they like to be in the company of others “well dressed”. If I look the part I can be accepted and build relationships more easily. I’m no secret agent or mole trying to infiltrate. Just assimilate to the culture and hopefully maintain some of my own comforts too.

(I am also aware some lodges allow jeans, t shirts, shorts, whatever. But if the men are dressing up, and I am not, they’ll feel I don’t respect them.)

If you become a Freemason can you leave the Brotherhood ?,2010:/viewthread/.1143 2010-10-25T09:53:55Z Opeth Hello, this is my first post in this website. And i wanted to ask, I am not a Mason but, if i become one and after some time i want to leave the Masonry is it available?
PS. sorry for my bad english.

Foreboding feeling after handing in the petition any feed back would be wonderful,2017:/viewthread/.11883 2017-05-25T08:20:12Z Sideshowthomas Hi gentlemen I have a situation I’d like to explain and a question that follows. I am a kind of modern pagan, some would say a wiccan some would say a witch others the more broad neo pagan. I have been meeting with my local blue lodge for pre meeting meals the hour prior to the lodge sessions. Since day one I made it clear that despite believing in many gods and goddesses that above all I believe in one supreme being , the creator, the energy source from which all things are born. This Devine source of creation sustenance and life is referred to as Akasha. The best way to explain my believe is they Akasha the supreme being is metaphorically a many faceted crystal and all the facets are the different attributes and traits of Akasha and each facet and collection of attributes has a name of a god/dess attached to it these include all the mainstream gods as well. I don’t know if I put this in an understandable way, the other way I’ve heard it explained is a comparison to Catholicism structure only the gods are the saints and Akasha is God and the trilogy of mother maiden and crone relate to the Devine trilogy of father son and Holy Ghost. Any way the men I talked to said my belief were acceptable and so I haven’t been worried about it but last night a man I have not met was talking to me and we finished talking and I turned to talk to the man on my other side and out of nowhere the first man grabs my hand will I’m talking to someone else and starts to pull it toward him surprised by this I stopped talking and turned to the man who then questioned my pentacle ring I tried to explain my religion but the vibe I got off him was truly unnerving and surly not positive.  I know believe in a supreme being and everlasting soul is all I need but and I know of many pagan brothers but I’m worried I just met the man who will be my first black ball. The worshipful master of the other hand seems to really like me should I talk to him and tell him I’m concerned about biased votes from that one man?

Greetings Fraternally,2017:/viewthread/.11986 2017-12-05T09:57:12Z setmg Hello Brothers, I am Ernesto Carbo EA Hurricane Lodge 401 35th Masonic district Miami, Florida Free and accepted . I am here because It has been

a while since I have had masonry on my mind, and I have a few questions to ask and I will give you more background to me. I saw the light in 2012.

Was very ambitious at the beginning in my education, was going through my ea degree for few months, although slowly due to my lodge not really

having someone dedicated to training, or maybe It was my part to ask in lodge to be educated, But at that time as a EA I knew nothing, I was just

following was I was being taught, after a while my job started getting very demanding, stop going to lodge every week, It became biweekly then

month when I would visit, Eventually I stopped going altogether. I am still a EA to this day, I continued to work to make a living for years I didn’t

return to lodge, I started getting very depressed in my life and started abusing alcohol and drugs. Also due to the roommate I was staying with I

ending up getting into a situation with the police because of them. I hit rock bottom at that point. I had to rebuild myself, I decided to stop

everything get clean, rebuild my life from the ground. Once I knew I was strong enough I left the country and Moved to Spain, I fell in love and now

Im having a son that will be born In march.

I am very content Now and My head is in the right place. The reason I say all this is because now that I have had time to think, I have made the

biggest mistake of my life ever leaving lodge. All I wish now it to continue my masonic education, I wish to continue to learn how to be a strong

Moral man, I want to raise a man Now that I will have a son, and I believe continuing my masonic education will help me with this. Once my son is

Born I will be moving back to Miami where my lodge is. In Miami after 6 months of not reporting to lodge EA are to Petion again with Background

check from what the RW of my Lodge has Emailed me. What I ask brothers is What issues will I encounter? Will I be a EA for the rest of my masonic

career? will I be kicked out? Now that I am willing and able will the lodge or the brotherhood turn its back on me? if anyone can please Inform me

Thank you very much. Fraternally Ernesto Carbo.

appreciation,2017:/viewthread/.11984 2017-12-05T02:11:56Z Teresa wawira I’m new here..
very much regards from me.I reside from Kenya and I’m an Illuminati.

again,much regards.
cheers. 😘😘


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