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Ask A Mason Copyright (c) 2017 ExpressionEngine,2017:10:16 Required belief in a Supreme Being,2017:/viewthread/.11919 2017-09-19T14:06:31Z hanzer This page <> says: “...are expressed outwardly through service to God, family, country, and self under the Fatherhood of God within…”

Given the effectiveness of the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution, is it still necessary to outwardly placate and pander to the “God” myths? Inwardly, is the Supreme Being view meant to reflect or resonate with the individual person’s psychic architecture?

Lou Pizzaro off Operation Repo TV show wearing Freemason hat?,2017:/viewthread/.11930 2017-10-09T04:38:49Z 2017-10-09T04:41:28Z Athena I recall seeing a long time ago seeing in one episode that character in the TV series Lou Pizzaro wearing a Freemason hat, you know with the symbol. Honestly I’m not trying to be like Hanzo or anything just curious. Was trying to dig up the episode but could not find it. My point is the TV show has a cuss word every second, sometimes physical altercations, all that. I never liked the show it was just on at home when I was younger and still living there.

I’m just going to take a guess that he bought the hat without being a mason?

It was a a basic trucker hat, blueish, with the gold symbol on the front.

Please stop feeding the trolls,2017:/viewthread/.11926 2017-09-28T22:14:08Z BrotherJohn Brethren, 

While I understand this is a natural reaction to being taunted by people who exhibit what seems to be intelligent banter, invariably they turn out to be trolls. They thrive on your reactions and continually spout nonsense sending us off to google to simply figure out what they are saying.

They attact the person and ignore the facts. Don’t rise to their bait.

Please don’t feed the trolls.

Do I qualify for being a Mason?,2017:/viewthread/.11929 2017-10-08T00:42:51Z 2017-10-08T02:27:33Z Athena Hello I am asking because I am unsure if I qualify.

Basically the good person nature I am wondering of because I have done some bad things in my past primarily when I was 14 years of age and bellow. Some when I was 20. I am older now and I have completely reformed from these actions and honestly the last bad act that could be masonic misconduct was around 5 days ago where I offered money to people with knowledge of who had my jacket and threatened that anyone who had it might be met with violence. However I regretted that action and the threat was empty as I would have not done it I just really wanted that jacket it was given to me by a very special friend. However as testimony that I will never do such a thing again my costly shoes ended up stolen or missing a few days after and I mentioned it to people in the place that I live in (Identified in the application) and am currently moving out. Didn’t get upset or anything nor did I send staff scrambling to find them just simply mentioned it and then I left to lease my apartment came back and someone placed them in my room on the floor.

I have always had strong morals regarding honesty as being honest has gotten me through a lot of things in life. As well I’ve always had strong beliefs in philanthropy and a loving heart wanting to help others (Which is one of the main reasons i want to join) almost everyone that knows me can validate this.

However I have had questionable failures in life that I matched with mini-successes. For instance I got kicked out of highschool for a few minor physical altercations and got sent to an alternative school where I flourished. I achieved peer model status which only a handful of students to my knowledge have gotten in the schools history and you need to distribute profound moral character and be nice to the students and teachers and cooperate with them. You cannot get this status by being a teachers pet being nice to students is a requirement. As well I got some of the best grades in that school (It’s low populated with a lot of insubordinate students.)

I have no criminal history but I have a sealed record due to the crimes being done when I was a minor. I got off probation early for good behavior.

Also, I grew up in the church from attending after middle school and attended at my own free will. Hence why most of my bad actions were from a very young age and reformed after getting involved in the christian community. There was a point of time where I convinced a few others in my family to become regulars with me.

To summarize in my opinion I believe I am a good person and I believe in God and have morally good ambitions in life involving freemasonry and my life in general.

I sent in an application Sunday October 8 2017 around 12:15-12:30 please review it and use it to answer my question.

Currently I know I am not financially qualified as I am on SSI but it’s pretty much a guarantee that I will get a job again soon and I have learned how to handle money and budget very well. However I do have enough money to support myself (Family is N/A because I have no children nor wife)

Another question is regarding mental qualifications. I am diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar, and Asperger Syndrome.  ADHD is hardly noticed as I am not hyper and I can concentrate way better then ever before. Bipolar mood swings range from extremely relaxed to a very well controlled manic. When it comes to Asperger syndrome the intelligence attributed to autism shine and social incompetence has almost been completely abolished however I still have very minor trouble identifying non verbal cues.

Answer any time you wish and also please put my interest in joining Freemasonry into consideration. I really want to join and believe in the moral values of it and I want to grow to become better then I already am. Thanks!

Edit: I am a male by the way.

Edit: Please mention to your brothers that I plan on reading a lot of masonic literature if I ever get accepted and earn my first degree of blue lodge masonry and will continue to do so.

How would a mason act and what is unmasonic behaviour?,2017:/viewthread/.11924 2017-09-26T23:20:50Z MattC I’m just wondering what tenants of masonry would be applied to life? I myself am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints and have been informed that masonry has many similarities. In contrast what type of behavior or conduct would be unmasonic? I’m just seeking enlightenment and further knowledge at this time

Wanting to join,2017:/viewthread/.11923 2017-09-26T12:27:45Z Johngutschow Hello everyone I am currently serving in the navy and beginning the process of transferring to my next command which will be in Bahrain. Are there any lodges on the military installation in Bahrain? I have spoken with a few masons here in Nebraska where I am currently stationed and I was told I can go through the process of joining here before I leave through the Scottish rite in Omaha who has a expedited program although I leave in less than 3 weeks and would like to be able to be active in the lodge rather than just joining and leaving. If there are no lodges in Bahrain are there corespondence lessons to continue learning if I were to join before I go? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

John Gutschow

Edit Question on learning disability and freemasonry,2017:/viewthread/.11921 2017-09-21T15:56:14Z 2017-09-21T22:39:01Z travelinglight Greetings, Edit:This individual has studied masonry and has a good foundation of the craft, his currently trying to petition with a learning disability that may effect memory he was not intending to hide his disability,is there any worries he should be concerned about when petitioning is he wasting his and the lodges time???

Is it possible that an interview take place indirectly?,2017:/viewthread/.11920 2017-09-20T20:00:39Z 2017-09-21T07:45:44Z O.Y. I am a candidate and I contacted the United Grand Lodges in February. In July I received a letter to my address which was calling me for an survey. In one hand it was voluntarily to take part, in other hand they raised the importance of attending this survey. I accepted to attend. A person came to my place and started the interview. Some questions were exactly asking questions from candidates and the interviewer was looking very polite, alert and with wisdom. We were glad of the meeting and at the end and in goodbye time he told me; “Hope to see you next year” Was he a Freemason? Is it possible to interview by this method?


Meeting,2017:/viewthread/.11912 2017-08-26T17:47:05Z Alhaidary

Is there a forum or gathering of brothers in Iraq?

Need Help With Question On Rituals,2017:/viewthread/.11911 2017-08-24T08:57:39Z Warrior1256 I recently saw something that mentioned the difference between the Preston-Webb style ritual and the Emulation style. In a nutshell can someone explain the differences as far as possible in an open forum.


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