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Ask A Mason Copyright (c) 2018 ExpressionEngine,2018:03:18 HOW TO BE A FREEMASON? and I’m not from US,2018:/viewthread/.12038 2018-03-16T11:24:16Z nonaodniMASONICLODGE hello. thanks for approving me here. I really need help.

basically shit happens to my life and I sign to this, and I wanna become a freemason.

I’m not a US people, can I still be accepted? and I’m not an important guy. I’m just a lost man, who were rejected by my own family because shit happens a.k.a broken home

Lion of jordan i wish if u replay me,2017:/viewthread/.11947 2017-11-12T13:38:21Z abdallah Im jordenin
And i wish if u can help me to join
Im 26 old and i dont know where is lodeg
I know about lion location and under the yadode and door 70
There thank u

Greetings,2017:/viewthread/.12003 2017-12-21T11:55:06Z Alhaidary Greetings
Are there new news about Masons in Iraq?

What is the New York State (specifically NYC) background checks and process for new prospective EAs?,2018:/viewthread/.12036 2018-03-04T09:49:21Z 2018-03-04T09:51:20Z John Galt Hello, brothers: I’m originally from NYC, but I’m a Freemason in the state of Maryland (I was Initiated as an EA and Raised as an MM etc in Maryland).  Anyway, a friend of mine in NYC called me up a few days ago to ask a few questions about our gentle craft as he is seriously contemplating joining the fraternity in NYC—- we spoke on the phone for about 90 minutes.  I was of course able to answer the majority of his questions (on generalized topics), but also clarify with him that although Freemasons in Maryland and in NY state (and everywhere else) recognize each other, there may be a few differences in the processes among the various Freemason jurisdictions.

Having mentioned that, he just needed some clarification as per how the process specifically works in NYC (Manhattan) where it pertains to background checks, and home visits etc.  He will most likely be joining one of those lodges housed at the Grand Lodge of NY building in Chelsea on 23rd Street—- please correct me if I’m incorrect, but I believe there are approximately 40 lodges in that buildings. 

Anyway, regarding the application process, he just needs clarification on the following.  For instance:

Step (1 ) Prospect calls/visits a local NYC lodge to speak to the brothers and complete an application,  or visits the Grand Lodge of NY website to start the application process. 

Step (2) Prospect sends in the application with the fee (what is the NY State application fee?)

Step (3) Lodge receives the application and thereafter assigns one or three lodge-members to visit prospect’s home. (Is this a NY Freemasons custom as well?)

and—- Step (4): At next Lodge meeting, Lodge then votes on the prospect.

Are there any extra steps in NY (a more extreme vetting process etc)?  What is the application fee, and what is the typical annual lodge dues fees in NYC?

And by the way, my friend in NYC is indeed of good moral character (for an investment banker…lol) and has never been in trouble with the law.

Unknown Ring - Please help,2018:/viewthread/.12033 2018-02-21T14:20:05Z cswilder Hello, new to the forum.  My grandfather was a long time Shriner, and my father gave me his ring.  I do not see any Mason symbols on it, but most of the symbols are religious in nature.  Does anyone have any clue if this ring is somehow related to the Masons??

Thanks for the help…

BTW - the third photo is a touch blurred, but it is the crossed swords (pointed downward) and shield.

Failing the test….?,2010:/viewthread/.888 2010-03-10T10:52:42Z Eric Gagne Hello Everyone,
I have a question.  I was just wondering if someone is about to take there EA, FC, or MM degree and fails to remember a certain part during the actual ritual do they “fail” that degree and not welcomed to continue the degree?  I have never seen this question posted on here before.  Thank you.

Looking for a book,2017:/viewthread/.12004 2017-12-21T17:51:18Z kenan Hello all
It’s been long i haven’t posted here anything, so i wish a good day for everyone. 

Anyway,  my question is simple,  does anyone know a good website for downloading Freemasons for dummies Book? 

I recently recovered my laptop and i have had lost the book.
So,  anyone knows a website for downloading the book for Free?  :)

Satanism in Freemasonry,2017:/viewthread/.11981 2017-12-04T09:50:07Z Michaeluk Good afternoon Brethren,

I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on whether followers of satanism would qualify as Freemasons? Just out of curiosity.

From my teachings so far, I have been told anyone with a belief in a higher power (a supreme being) would be able to become a Freemason as there are masons from various religions.

Does anyone know of any freemason’s whom also are satanists and whats people’s opinions on such matter?

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Senior Deacon Seat,2017:/viewthread/.11991 2017-12-09T00:00:19Z Davey Good Evening Brethren,
      Just checking in and proud to say I was elected to the Senior Deacon Chair this year. I look forward to this challenge. I know this seat plays a major role in all of the degrees and I’m up for the task!  I love learning and growing in search of more light!!! Have a great year in Masonry and to all of the newly elected and appointed officers….Congrats!!!!

Need help joining!,2017:/viewthread/.11987 2017-12-06T00:30:08Z 2017-12-06T00:33:43Z Boazbeonthe33rdlevel Hello everyone! Just a little bit about myself before i get to deep into this. I’m 18, I live in Texas, I’m a christian and one of my goals of becoming a Freemason is to become a Knights Templar! I need help becoming a Freemason. I studied Freemasonry all throughout high school, after doing about three years of studying I definitely want to be one. About four or five months ago I asked the only Freemason that I SORTA know, and he told me to go to the grand lodge of Texas website and get an application. Well i got the application but I couldn’t fill it out all the way. I had some questions about the residential questions and getting signatures. I never asked for help or anything like that and I’m not even sure why, I guess I was afraid or I didn’t know if I could ask for help. I never followed up with or gave him any updates either, and i’m not even sure why I did that. I feel really guilty about it also, when I asked him to join he had a big ol smile on his face and everything! I’m not sure if I can ask him again, and i’m kinda afraid i’ll get blackballed for doing all of that. I’m thinking about asking him again but I have another problem. I know becoming a Mason is a long process, but i don’t think i’ll have the time to do it. Starting in January i’ll be working M-F in the evening while also attending college. Every Freemason i’ve ever talked to always says they wish they joined when they where younger, so i’m trying to join as soon as I can! I don’t know if Freemasons get special time off to go to the lodge or anything like that. Would I be able to go up to my boss and ask him to take every first Thursday of the month off lol? On some other forums on here I saw something about a one day Masonry thing, but a lot of people where saying that it was a bad experience. I just don’t know if i’ll have the time to become a Mason. Should I just wait until I finish college? I’m sorta in a pickle here and I just really need help! Thank you everyone, God bless! :-)


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