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Ask A Mason Copyright (c) 2017 ExpressionEngine,2017:05:17 A question that may be the answer to what ive been searching for. Brace yourselves. :),2017:/viewthread/.11882 2017-05-15T23:58:56Z Blackballed On ones a own(not a brother of the fraternity), can the veil of night(darkness) be lifted? To the best of any fraternity members knowledge, has it ever been done without assistance?  Can one become a Master and take the Masters path without help from ” the children of light” and then become a child of light himself(Master)?

Investigation committee questions.,2017:/viewthread/.11880 2017-05-12T11:49:31Z Sideshowthomas Hello, I’m petitioning in NY state specifically Nassau county NY Long Island. I have been attending the pre meeting meal/social hour at my local lodge for about three months. The last time I saw the masons the Worshipful Master said NY state now does a thorough background check in place of each lodge doing there own, so I went on to guarding the west gates link and paid for the check. After 10 business days I finally got impatient and emaild them to inquire the status, they apologized for the delay said it was sent already ... After that got worked out I found that I past with a perfectly clean background I wasn’t surprised but was relieved. Now I have filled out my petition and will be bringing the background review and petition to the lodge in two weeks. What step’s are left is it only the investigation committee and ballot that remain ? As far as the interview goes I’m trying to think how best to handle it, I’m recently engaged but my fiancée and I still live seperatly at home with our parents while we save up a nest egg to have as backup when we get our own place.  So where should it be and who should be there my parents know and support my interest in freemasonry as does my fiancée but I have a feeling my parents won’t want to get involved in being questioned my fiancée said she’s fine with it but she’s nervous because she’s shy.  So yeah sorry for the long rant of a post but what do you think, whole family if there willing and because I live at home or fiancée only because soon it will be her and I living together? And is at my parents home ok?

A new road presented…,2017:/viewthread/.11879 2017-05-09T13:57:38Z Ham.marshall Greetings all,
  My name is Marshall Ham. I currently live in Mesa Arizona. I am on a journey; as we all are, and Freemasonry has presented a road along my path.
  I am a non religious christian, and also love exploring many philosophies and proverbs of enlightened men throughout the past.
  I have not led an exemplary life as a matter of fact I have been to prison before. I am thankful for that experience… for the opportunity to search inward, and discover my journey.
  I am currently reading morals and dogma and don’t have questions in particular as far as Freemasonry is concerned, however the 2 questions I have would be: Are ex-felons even considered for membership?
And, if so what advice would you have as far as information to explore along the way to making an educated decision?

Becoming a Mason,2017:/viewthread/.11864 2017-04-03T17:00:19Z Rough_ashlar5 I finally got an emial from my state grand lodge. They said they will schedule a phone interview with me closer to the end of the month. I’m very happy about this! But I’m also very nervous.
Is there any advice any one may have? Anything to comes to mind. I don’t want to make a fool of myself. I want to present myself in my best light.

Irregular Grand Lodge,2017:/viewthread/.11878 2017-05-09T02:18:09Z 2017-05-09T02:57:02Z Ali Hamdar So Brethren, Hello everyone.
So, It’s been 1 year since I joined a lodge in Lebanon.Then I found out that the supreme council in Lebanon is actually not recognized by the UGLE, and the grand lodge of Lebanon isn’t also recognized by the UGLE, thus all the lodges working under its authority are in fact irregular lodges.
Fortunately; I did find a lodge that is under the Jurisdiction of the GL of Scotland, and I am currently a FC, and in All honesty, I am a very brilliant researcher and a good student,but I know that I will have to start from zero once again and get initiated again and so on…

Now The Question Is: Should I tell the new regular lodge about my story? I just don’t want my application to get refused because of that.

Spiritual Experience involving an Appearing/disappearing Square And Compass. Need help.,2017:/viewthread/.11874 2017-05-02T20:47:23Z Allquestionsnoanswers Hey guys! I joined this site to seek clarification for an experience I had while I was in jail 6 years ago following an arrest I did not know I had been taken in for. I will probably spare the details for the sake of getting to the main point.  First, I have never been affiliated with masonry, nor do I know of any relatives. I found out about your organization a few years after starting college. It wasn’t until October of 2010 that I began considering petitioning, so contrary to the belief of many people I’ve spoken with about the preceding matter, including my therapist, that I’m about to disclose, I don’t consider what happened a sign of infatuation. All I had done was shown interest by asking a member. However, right after my 3 day “incarceration”, I was diagnosed with Bipolar. While in jail, I was mentally out of it already,due to me fasting for the first time a week before, but I remember the significant events that transpired. One of which was the appearance of the square and compass, etched ruggedly into the small double paned window that was covered by a green veil. It was as if someone carved it with a sharp object. But there was no time for a human to do that without me seeing it happen. I didn’t see it as it was forming, but only after it was already there. This was all while I was walking around in circles when I stopped midway through a revolution around the solitarily confined room I was in. Upon seeing it, immediately, I hit it with my hand, walked around once more, looked at the window again, and it was gone. I’m clueless. Another incident in the same room happened later, but this involved a certain glowing light that entered into the room slowly from behind the wall, where the wall meets the ceiling. It hovered over my head for about 35-45 seconds and slowing exited the way it came in. I don’t know if this was God, an angel, or the devil transforming as an angel of light. I couldn’t make this up, and the experience was very real. I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I’m hoping that this website is the place to gain clarification. Upon speaking to a member and close friend, I was told that my questions would be answered if I joined. He was so sure of this, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be a member. I’ve researched a lot in the six years, with the majority of info cautioning men not to join because of this or that. But I’ll always be stuck not knowing why my experiences happened unless I seek real honest men. If someone could please assist me with the discovery of why and what I’m supposed to do now because of the events, I’d be very appreciative as well as relieved. I just want my life back or the life I’m supposed to have. Thanks for reading!

Should I ask for a new coach,2017:/viewthread/.11871 2017-04-24T08:56:08Z mitchrp I was initiate as an EA back in October of 2015.  I was assigned a coach soon after.  After several time conflicts we were able to get together and started on the catechisms in late October.  I informed my coach about my eagerness to learn and let him know that I would be available at any time he had available.  I know that he had a new job and three young children at home and wanted him to know that I would make myself available to fit within his schedule.  Now I truly like my coach and proud to call him my brother, however every time we got together he would always go off on tangents and we would end up talking for two to three hours about everything but Masonry.  I would estimate that for every two or three hour coaching session, the actual time learning the catechism was anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and that time was broken up with various other stories about other thing, so there was no real continuity, rhyme or reason with learning.  With his schedule and the limited time we spent on training, it took 8 months before I gave back my EA.  I was passed to FC in Sept of 2016 and since then I have only been able to get 5 coaching sessions, all of them following the same pattern as above.  I really want to finish this catechism and was hoping someone could give me advise on how to get my coach better focused, or how I can get someone else to help.  I am coming on close to 2 years since I started my Masonic journey and still have not been raised.  I am trying to be patient, but I am getting frustrated.  I don’t want to hurt my coach’s feelings, but besides letting him know I am available for more light whenever he can fit me into his schedule I don’t know what else I can do, or if there is a protocol to rectify this situation.  I have even considered looking to transfer to another lodge if that is possible so I can complete my Masonic training.  Thanks for any help or insight you can give me.

Give me advice !!,2017:/viewthread/.11869 2017-04-21T15:01:37Z Alhaidary Give me advice !!

Fellowcraft Quandary,2017:/viewthread/.11868 2017-04-15T14:59:00Z Fellow Dear Members,
I have an unusual situation that I would like to ask the forum if there is a solution.  I am a fellowcraft Mason, but I was unable to continue my Masonic education and achieve Master Mason due to dire personal circumstances that forced me to discontinue attendance.  Several years later, I would like to continue my Mason degree, however, I have an issue.  Simply put, my new wife is the ex-wife of another
Mason and he is extremely petty and has vowed to destroy her, her business and by proxy, me.  He blames me for his circumstances although they are of his own creation.  Bitter, angry and no longer attends meetings and has not for quite some time.  To compound matters, my wife paid his perpetual dues years ago.  I have approached my sponsor from several years ago and was quite bluntly told I would be blackballed by the ex if I tried to re-enter.  I was also told that I could not go to another lodge without permission and they won’t allow that either.  It is my understanding that announcing one’s intention to blackball someone and conspiring with another to do so, violates Masonic Law.  I only wish to continue with my degrees, however, two individuals with a vendetta have assured me of their cast. 
Is there anything I can do?  Another lodge is fine, I don’t want to be where I am not welcome, but to think I am barred forever because of someone else’s issues is distressing.  I appreciate any advice given.

Age Limit at 35?,2017:/viewthread/.11841 2017-03-20T11:10:07Z 2017-03-22T01:12:02Z Blue2me4you I’ve heard (from a ‘mason’) that the age limit to join is 35 years of age. As in, if you are older than 35, you cannot join.

Is this true?

In the military, some may say, “There is a waiver for everything.” This means, essentially that there are no exceptions to the rule except for the exception to the rule.

It is my understanding, every lodge ‘reports’ or is accountable to the Grand Lodge of the State (in US). Still my understanding, in the US - the State’s Grand Lodge determine the guidelines which are filtered down through the branches (local lodges).

Is this 35 age limit true? Or is this a arbitrary jurisdictional limitation?

I find it hard to comprehend enlightened individuals restraining themselves to a concept of yearly age.

Also, as a non-Mason - I have found the YouTube Channel “MasonicRoundtable,” very helpful:

Is the above Masonic YouTube channel reputable?

Thank you for your time.


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