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Ask A Mason Copyright (c) 2017 ExpressionEngine,2017:08:15 How to become a Freemason in Kenya,2011:/viewthread/.1398 2011-03-08T11:23:38Z Ras jAy Hi everyone,i jus join this awesome forum..i indeed hav a question..I went to the District Grand Lodge of East Africa here in Nairobi and they told me i need to be invited by a member!is there any mason here who’s from Nairobi who can help me get initiated into this phenomenal brotherhood,PLIIIIZ!!

Blue Lodge vs Red Lodge,2017:/viewthread/.11904 2017-08-02T07:05:37Z wlessard I recently visited a Lodge in New Orleans LA. Very interesting and a bit different.

I still am not sure about their Explanation. Apparently in the 16th District in LA the 10 Lodges are Red Lodges. They are still Masonic, still regular but it has something to do with Scottish Rite Masonry and York Rite Masonry.

I was wondering if anyone could more clearly clarify this.


William Lessard
Ezekiel Bates Lodge
Attleboro MA

im now in west bank,2017:/viewthread/.11902 2017-07-20T05:14:28Z abdallah hi how i can joun with masonic brother
here in west bank brother

Question regarding the Widows Sons MRA,2017:/viewthread/.11875 2017-05-06T21:38:08Z Bro Bill Good evening brethren. I have a question. I am a motorcycle ride, belonging to my local HOG chapter (I ride a 2002 HD Road King Classic). I am also a freemason (clearly indicated below). I was recently pointed towards the Widows Sons riding club.
Now, I was ALSO told that the GL of MA essentially outlawed this association in 2013. To date, per the research I have gone through, they have not expelled a single member who belongs.
The question I have is, has that edict been lifted? I am asking here because I know that there are several prominent members here who are in MA.
There are several chapters in this state, and at least two appear active. I am just curious if anyone knows what the current state is, or whether this edict was issued snd simply not being enforced.
I am asking because I am torn. I would LOVE to ride with my brothers, but dont want to lose my fraternity.
Thank you for any information

Looking for Masons in Washington DC metro area. Especially Pentagon,2017:/viewthread/.11901 2017-07-12T07:12:32Z cemab4y I live in WashDC metro, Fairfax county, VA. I am looking for other masons in the metro area. I would like to set up a weekly lunch group at the Pentagon. If you are interested, please PM me.

How can I be MASON?,2017:/viewthread/.11900 2017-07-10T16:21:33Z 2017-07-10T17:13:05Z saddam How can I be MASON?

Freedom On Morocco,2016:/viewthread/.11686 2016-09-23T16:47:46Z 2016-09-23T16:48:04Z Mr_Robot Hey , im ibrahim from Morocco Casablanca anyway ,  i heard there are lodges in Morocco ,
and there is a one its The United Grand Lodge of Morocco in Rabat
this is address
the grand regular lodge of kingdom of morocco (R.L.R.R.M.). 11 rue Dayet Erroumi, appt 8, agdal rabat, Maroc
when i go to this address i don’t find any lodge there what happened ?? maybe was removed lodge !!
and i was call this number = +212661306850 not working
i was contact lodge on USA i forget name city of lodge, but anyway someone was give me email from archive of directories of lodges
was give email its
afme96 at yahoo dot fr
its too not working when i send Msg nobody answer me
so what happened my brothers of masonic Lodges no longer in Morocco or what!!  we need freedom there someone answer me !!!

Thanks Brothers Freemasonry
Best Regards

Candidate / Applicant.  New to the English Language..,2017:/viewthread/.11898 2017-06-12T19:24:14Z New Mason Dear Sir’s. Need some clarification.. First off my Lodge is in California and also I am a officer in the Lodge..
My Lodge is considering accepting the application of a young man whom has newly arrived in the U.S.  And he has a very limited grasp of the English language.
FYI. ( His App. has not been read yet.. )
My W.M. has suggested that we can Initiate him , but I’am not so sure. How will he understand what is being said and done..  I would like some opinion’s on understanding how this make’s sense.    Thank you for your consideration.  S & F

Joining The Craft in Indonesia,2017:/viewthread/.11899 2017-06-28T10:01:08Z Bung Hutama Hello readers.

I know I started an existing topic in this site.
But, as it was written 6-7 years ago, I wondered if the condition is still the same as today.

I’ve searched through Internet and I could not found any information or guidance for joining the craft in Indonesia. Additionally, I’ve had visited the Lodge in Singapore, but I still have no idea how to join.

If anyone knows about what should I do, or if anyone know about any existing lodge in Indonesia, please join the talk here.

obvious or not-so obvious enemies of Free Masons,2011:/viewthread/.1533 2011-04-26T19:55:39Z ASonOfLiberty I would like to start off by saying (or typing)...

I am a proud American/Massachusetts citizen.
I love my country, my family, and my freedom.
I don’t advocate violence or bullshit. (for lack of a better word…)
I am not currently employed,
but if I had to pick a “profession”,
it would probably be an “Observer”.

With the growth of ‘conspiracies theories’ on the internet and other media outlets… do any members fear, or aware of the dangers these ‘theories’ pose to your members and your families? I’m sure you are all well-aware that there is a large community of people who actually believe you are satanic worshipers. And.. you are single handedly responsible for the enslavement of mankind and the fall of the Liberty and Freedom for all men. ect….

Considering the age of this group, You people had to deal with these things for many years. Your group is being slandered as we speak. I for one, never believed such stories.. (why would great men build a nation to destroy it? see ‘bullshit’ above)

Do you feel opening this site, could open doors to those who wish harm any Free Masons?
Do you think slander creates problems for non-members who want to become a Freemason?
  What are you doing to Protect Free Masons Reputation and Member’s well-being?
  Are there any known enemies of Free Masons, and are they a real threat.


Now i guess for the real question
Were you afraid to join the Masons?


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